so they did a do-over for the “dark phoenix” trailer and…

can i admit i JUST realized that’s “sansa” from “game of thrones”?
so i’m a lowkey stan of jean grey.
i find her character arc very interesting and appealing.
she doesn’t understand the power she has.
she cannot control it either.

Remember how upset we all were with the last ( x Dark Phoenix trailer )?

well they re-did it and here’s the new one

poor storm.
where is wolverine?
i guess this means jennifer lawrence is done?

as far as the trailer,
i guess.
it looks better than the last mess they put out.
i’d give it a shot.
i’m not into comic books like that,
but i have always wondered

Is Jean Grey the most powerful of all the X-Men?

in one of the movies,
she killed professor x.

“dark phoenix” hits theaters on june 7th

lowkey: i’m not really excited about “captain marvel” tho…

it looks kinda dull.

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21 thoughts on “so they did a do-over for the “dark phoenix” trailer and…”

  1. Idk..but why Mystique look like an extra from Star Trek: Deep Voyager?

    They need to get it together with these movies. Now they just releasing anything they can find.

    I don’t give two fuks about Captain Marvel in a moviemovi I played with in her in Marvel vs Capcom, which is where I know her from.

    1. Thank God this the last one!!!! The completely bastardize the X-Men franchise! I hope when that deal between Fox & Disney goes through the do better!!! And No Jamari Jean Grey is not the most powerful X-Man. Hell, the original story line from back in the day had Jean Grey in a time capsule at the bottom of a Lake while the Phoenix assumed her identity. All that stuff is cannon now tho. Aye you should check out Umbrella Academy on Netflix. Dope shit man.

  2. I did get Star Trek vibes from mystique as well bruh! Lol I don’t get it so are we gonna act like Last Stabd never happened? If Jean kills Mystique now, that pretty much means that the whole X men series with wolverine with all of them as adults never happened? I’m confused man! Fox is a big mess but X-men are going to Disney hopefully soon. As soon as she gets there Ryan Coogler is gonna be like yeah I’m ready for Storm to join this universe.

    Y’all remember that Storm was married to black panther and became queen of Wakanda right? But Ryan Coogler is gonna go with a dark skinned actress to play her. No more pretty light skinned girl.
    Anyway as far as Captain Marvel I like that scene where she is in the air blowing up airplanes and the full costume with fire giving it like a Mohawk. But that actress Brie Larson that’s playing her, she’s fucking terrible. She has no emotions and she boring as hell. They also are tryna make her this feminist and that’s gonna backfire because Wonder Woman wasn’t against men, she was against humanity and their greed for more war and suffering that’s why she was the people’s hero. This bitch is gonna ruin everything!

    Anyway I could talk about these things all night.

    Hope you doing good Jamari!


    i love jean. such a sweet girl with so much depth and power. alone she’s a omega lvl mutant. the phoenix force just doubles everything with the fire element added to it.

    this makes me wanna hook up my old playstation and play xmen legends lol

  4. Disney is doing Crowd control with Captain Marvel. Rotten Tomatoes no longer has a rating for movies that have yet to be released coincidentally when Captain Marvel had a 28% rating of people who wanted to see it.

    1. That’s because the actress that played her was speaking about the fact that over 80% of film critics are white men. This turned in to them saying she was male bashing.

    1. Legion is, then Franklin…followed by Jean.
      Back in the day Jean used to be, then it was revealed that Franklin was more powerful than her and Reed had to put a dampener/inhibitor on him to control his power.
      Then Legion came along and eclipsed them both. so much so he altered the X-universe!

  5. Oh and this movie is canceled on the strength of Alexandra BullShip. Marvel bought FOX, so the X-Men will be rebooted eventually, anyway.

  6. I’m so glad this is Fox’s last X-Men movie. Hopefully, Disney does a much better job at casting and giving other X-Men screen time.

    Sophie Turner is mad dull and we have no connection to any of the other characters besides Professor X and Magneto. I think Bella Thorne would’ve made a better Jean Grey.

    I want to see a decent X-Men movie with all the characters fully developed.

    I’m excited for the Captain Marvel movie! If you watch the Avengers animated series and get some background on the character it’ll change your opinion, probably the hardest animated series on television!

  7. Fox has turned the Xmen property into absolute trash. In 5-10 years or so Kevin Fiege and Disney will reboot the Xmen and bring them into the Marvel cinematic universe.

  8. Jean Grey, technically, is the most powerful mutant. Her story, like many others, has been retconned so that she IS Phoenix, White Phoenix of the Crown. She is practically God in the Marvel Universe, excluding a couple of beings. Don’t look to the movies to explain her or anyone else well. The movies didn’t even have proper classifications of mutants, among many other inaccuracies.

  9. And I’m still not feeling this movie. This new trailer did nothing to make me want to see it more.

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