so the jussie smollett defense is the brothers were actually homophobic?

so jussie smollett has been relatively quiet.
fuck that,
he has been mute.
i’m happy af about that actually.
nothing worst than if he was thottin and boppin’ all over social media.
well there are some latest developments the foxhole has been sharing.
it seems the two mandingo wolf warriors were homophobic.
these are two alleged tweets that ola deleted:

…and now,
their alleged homophobia is being questioned as a motive.
this is what i got from “the daily mail”

A gay actor has told how one of the two Nigerian brothers at the center of the Jussie Smollett scandal hurled homophobic abuse at him during a heated exchange on the set of the hit show Empire.

Alex McDaniel claims Abel Osundairo used offensive words about gay men with witnesses claiming Abel said he could never be friends with a ‘f****t’, stating, ‘hell no, f**k that’.

In an exclusive interview with, McDaniel said he took offense at the comments and confronted Abel which led to an altercation.

The incident happened while filming scenes for season two of Empire at Cook County Juvenile Detention Center in Chicago in July of 2015.

Openly gay actor McDaniel, 38, who played an inmate alongside Abel and Ola during the 2015 Empire prison shoot, told ‘I was hired to be on the set to play a gang banger for season two of the show.

‘I remember meeting the brothers, the smallest one was quite well-mannered and well-tempered, very quiet and barely spoke.

‘His brother who was taller was a little more agitated about what he was seeing that day.

I swapped a few words with the taller brother. I remember we were doing a prison scene and Lee Daniels (the director), who is openly gay, asked all the guys with muscles to take their shirts off.

‘I just remember his attitude being very funky and very stank like.

‘They (the brothers) were moving my bag around while we were on set which also annoyed me and the conversation within the group was like, “what if you had a gay friend”.

It became very uncomfortable for me, the taller Nigerian guy was very agitated about the fact of me being gay, Lee Daniels being gay, gay people period, he was not okay with that notion.

‘I remember he was like, “I would never have a gay friend, I don’t really like gay people.” He made it very clear he did not agree with homosexuality, he was very rude and wanted to emasculate gay men, it was offensive.’

Fellow actor Ticarus Bunch, who witnessed the altercation, told that Abel went further, calling gay people ‘f*****s’.

And he said the row started following a conversation about Smollett’s character Jamal Lyon – an openly gay musician.

‘I was a feature extra, I was a prison guard and the two Nigerian guys were prisoners,’ he recalls.

When you’re on set for 12-13 hours the conversations are endless and all the extras were talking.

‘I do remember the altercation. The taller of the two brothers was gay bashing.’

Bunch continued: ‘It started as a conversation about Jussie actually. How Empire was a pioneer, openly showing gay characters like the one Jussie plays.

‘Then it came round to having homosexual friends and the Nigerian said, “hell no, I won’t have no gay people around me, no f*****ts around me, f**k that”. He was real adamant about it.

‘He wasn’t talking directly to Alex but about homosexuals in general. But he knew Alex was gay so it was targeting him.

‘Alex took offense to what he was saying and cursed him out.’

Bunch, from Goldsboro North Carolina, says the pair didn’t come to blows but said the row ‘wasn’t pretty’.

McDaniel, who lives in Chicago, said: ‘The more he talked the more enraged I became and I made it clear that I’m not a push over.

‘It didn’t come to blows. At that particular point Empire was at its highest ratings, so just the thought of being invited on set – nobody was going to put that in jeopardy.’

Bunch agreed with McDaniel that the smaller of the brothers Ola ‘was more of a pleasant guy’ and more ‘introverted’ than Abel.

A second witness Lawrence Johnson Jr, also an actor on set during the week long shoot, corroborated both men’s account.

The 47-year-old said the altercation was in a holding room of the detention center.

‘I heard him (Abel) say, “I don’t want gays around, I don’t want gay friends, I don’t like f****ts”, and that kind of stood out to me.

‘Alex didn’t try to hide who he was, he didn’t hide the fact he was gay and the Nigerian guy didn’t like it. Alex ended up screaming at him.’

two of them had this to say about jussie:

Both McDaniel and Bunch, who have met Smollett while working on Empire, described him as a ‘stand-up guy’ and said they were as shocked as anyone when the allegations against him emerged.

Bunch believes Smollett exercised ‘poor judgment’ in choosing the two Nigerian brothers to be his fitness trainers, however.

‘To be in Jussie’s presence, he seemed like a stand-up guy, it didn’t seem like he was “hey I’m big me and you’re little you”, he wasn’t that type of guy, just a regular good guy,’ he said.

McDaniel, who still appears in Empire, added: ‘I was blown away over the Jussie Smollett situation.’

something must have changed with ola allegedly to want to train jussie.
he was allegedly real comfortable in his buiding’s gym:

…and enough to tag jussie’s song in his caption:

it could have been clout chasing tho.
many homophobes wear different fur when around a successful gay.
they will “forget” in the name of “leveling up”.

they slip out of it sooner or later tho.
i dunno,
that doesn’t make any sense especially what was in the ( x bond proffer ).
i’d hope jussie’s defense isn’t trying to ruin those two mandingo wolves.
the speeding bus is on the way for them to be under.































i doubt he’d do that.

article cc: the daily mail

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on “so the jussie smollett defense is the brothers were actually homophobic?”

      1. All this seems like a movie script. Is all this an unaired pilot for a season of Empire or something? Everytime I see one of these posts about Jussie, I feel like someone is using Final Draft while grinning.

      2. I know Nigerian men are about their money. So even if they are homophobic, they’d see it as a source of income. I find it convenient that this is just coming out now, though. Jussie looks weird for training with them.

  1. Well this is very messy. They are leaving a lot of context out I’m sure. And the brothers clearly weren’t that homophobic if Jussie felt comfortable enough to hire one as a personal trainer along with getting Molly from him.

  2. I believe every word If its one thing embedded in Africans its “getting to the bag” & “homophobia”! & I’m confused as to why you don’t think these brothers should be thrown under the bus, I mean they did commit a crime at the end of the day, & if Jussie is taking this thing to trial his, & his lawyers best bet is to roll those two big motherfuckers under a greyhound I’d do the same. Shit they did it to him.

    1. Exactly I hope they destroyed those two Nigerian men I can’t believe jamar is Supporting them he Blinded by their muscles. Theses two men are not Innocent. Why did you delete his homophobic tweets even his lawyer didn’t comment on the homophobic Tweets And homophobia on the Set of empire

  3. Some of ya’ll are just as delusional as R. Kelly and Bill Cosby fanatics reaching and jumping through hoops to defend Jussie.

    I find it hard to believe these men would immerse themselves on a show with a gay director and train Jussie if they were sooo homophobic. Moreover, why would Lee Daniels keep them on set and Jussie train with them? Jussie’s money isn’t THAT long to (according to the $3K payment) to fake the funk and Nigerians usually have multiple hustles and are NOT known for “faking it to secure the bag” in my experience.

    Call me cynical, but it’s not lost on me how attractiveness and colorism plays into how hard gay men are going for him to the point they’re saying “even if he did lie, he didn’t get anyone killed or arrested” and “we still shouldn’t cancel him”, when ya’ll were just making all kinds of demands to Kevin Hart.

    If he was dark and unattractive, I have a feeling he’d be much more “disposable”.

    1. Dude you are fucking stupid Have you met a closet homophobic straight person before who use gay people for their money and talk shit about them behind their back’s I know many of them I like that

      1. Watch how you address me.

        As I said before, Jussie’s money isn’t long enough to fake deal with him when there are tons of wealthy white men with a bbc fetish.

        This is all smoke and mirrors Jussie and Lee Daniels are putting out there to change the narrative.

        Jussie barely had a bruise on his eye. For some vicious, homophobic Nigerians they sure went easy on him if he was able to perform the next night and proclaim himself “The Gay Tupac”

        “Is this your stunt Queen?!”

        1. Bitch please I can’t wait till some homophobic straight person take avantage of you bet you have some fake pro-gay straight friends are cool with you but talking shit about you behind your back and called you a faggot

    2. I agree completely. If they were that homophobic they wouldn’t want to be associated with Jussie. Which is why I said that some context of the whole conversation was left out.

    1. ^apparently im being blinded by muscles.
      i guess everyone else is being blinded by the sheer stupidity of the entire thing.

      i think it’s best if both parties work this out privately,
      reach a deal,
      and let this blow away.
      the more things are released,
      the more it creates even more doubt.

      let the kardashian’s away the attention away.

      1. Well I don’t know if you are blinded by the muscles. I have to admit the bodies are on point. But the stupidity of this nonsense will have impact for years to come. Besides there are WAY more issues to deal with than this nonsense.

        I’ll wait for the movie and watch on a day I’m really bored..

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