the alleged details of jussie smollett and “subway with bleach-gate”

oh dear.
so jussie had another press conference today.
this time,
it was his bond hearing.
during the hearing,
they gave details of:

how he met one of the mandingo warrior wolves
what he needed to be done
it all went down

this is the alleged bond proffer with all the details…

they made sure to point out “all hetero between jussie and abel…

gasoline instead of the bleach?
i had a feeling drugs was gonna be involved.
if all of that is true,
this is all bad however way you slice it.
why did he leave such an alleged paper trail?
checks and texts.
the mandingo warrior wolves aren’t any better either.
jussie still maintains his innocence tho.
i had to wonder

Should they cancel Empire at this point ?

he’s one of the main characters.
i don’t know if the show would even survive without him.
they’d probably have to bring another character to replace “jamal”.
either way,
his bail is set 100,000 and his passport has been taken.
so much for leaving.
tyler perry had some words about jussie:

 the good news is jussie can get on “hahn” if “empire” ends.

Author: jamari fox

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14 thoughts on “the alleged details of jussie smollett and “subway with bleach-gate””

  1. I’m sorry. I know his sister is supporting him and Gabby Sidibe. But enough is enough. Brother lied.

    Maybe that Molly caused this. That shit can fuck with the brain. Jussie needs help.

    It’s a shame that this case could end his career (although white actors get away with giving people HIV and drugging and still keep going — ummm Charlie Sheen and Robert Downey Jr.) and could make it harder for people who really are victims of homophobia and racism to come forward or prove their cases.

    But I’m tired of Black people giving him a pass and for Gabby and Jurnee Smollett blaming the “fake media,” borrowing a line from that orange abomination Trump.

    As a former member of the media profession that is insulting. Legitimate reporters collect facts and do scores of interviews in an effort to get things accurate. Don’t conflate Jussie with other bad policing going on in Chicago — this is apples and oranges.

    Meanwhile the truly frightening thing about this case is how closely we are watched. We all take Uber, make cellphone calls, text, buy shit with our debit cards and cash and walk past cameras. All this stuff is recording us. Is that a good thing if it helps solve crimes? Or is Big Brother going to use our personal information against us?

    I hope Jussie Smollett comes clean. From a PR perspective that could help save his career in the long run. Just make up something — saying you were going through some shit! Stress. Addiction to Molly. Whatever. People will sympathize with that better.

    And lastly, from a nosey perpective, I want to know was he fucking Abel the younger brother? They hung out, worked out together etc. Dude got him Molly. Ummm, sounds kinda like they were dating from reading this.

    Anyhow, enough. I’m rambling. Thanks Jamari for keeping me up on a lot of stuff going on in pop culture!

    1. ^welcome!

      and great comment.
      he lied and some folks are trying to deflect with other issues.
      this is still a big issue of his lies because it effects victims of real hate crimes going forward.

      1. True, true. I read executives at Empire are meeting over this. Like dude can serve time and a trial could dominate the news for weeks. Which could wreck havoc on writing and shooting schedules. I haven’t watched since the second season…it lost my interest. But if they boot him and ratings drop and they cancel alot of good folks…from sound men to camera crews to editors and caterers…are going to lose work over some DRAMA QUEEN BULLSHIT! Jussie better adjust his wig, confess, cop a plea, do some mea culpas on talk shows and get his stupid ass back to work. I mean he paid them with a MUTHAFUCKING CHECK!!! Who does that!!!???

    2. @immanuel22 Lmao, I implied that Abel gave me “a vibe” in a previous post about this Smollett 💩-uation. When the Assistant State Attorney, Lisa Rainer, was reading the proffer, I couldn’t help but wonder again…Abel and Jussie were clearly close. Close enough for him to drive Abel home and tell him his plan about staging an attack.
      BUT, this is all speculation and we do live in the 21st century where some straight don’t mind having gay friends…

        1. @bllackpegasus

          I tried to give him the benefit of a doubt, but Abel left me without suspension when he was up there thirst trapping and flexing them big ol’ chocolatey muscles to one of Jussie”s songs! He even @’ed him. 😂😂😂

    1. I think so, he mentioned how supportive his partner was when he did that show in West Hollywood in early February.He also said he didn’t want to give up his phone because it had his partner’s number( and other numbers) during GMA interview last week.

      1. You know, I thought about this, and it seems he probably didn’t want to give up that phone because of the info about the mollies on there. There might even be mash notes with Abel (he could get it). I wonder if we’ll hear anything from Tawan Davis, though. Most of the white media don’t even seem to realize he exists, though we in the know!

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