the alleged motive for jussie smollett has been revealed and…

^this is jussie’s mugshot.
his skin looks really good.
not one bag under his eye.
i’ll need an ID on the jacket too.
it’s from the chicago police department.

it isn’t his picture from his “empire” set badge,
as the conspiracy theorists are holding on to.
so the alleged motive was released in the live press conference.
it wasn’t from the writer’s room in “empire” either.
this is what “cnn” reported that the cpd had to say…

Jussie Smollett was reportedly unsatisfied with his salary on “Empire” and paid $3,500 to stage the attack on himself, according to police superintendent Eddie Johnson.

He added that Smollett send a “false letter that relied on racial, homophobic and political language.”

Johnson said Smollett was treated “as a victim” until evidence pointed in a different direction.

The Superintendent also said Jussie sent a “false letter”presumably the letter that was sent to Fox Studios 8 days before the incident.

Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson said Jussie Smollett ” took advantage of the pain and anger of racism to promote his career.”

“Bogus police reports cause real harm,” he said.

Here’s how he introduced the case at today’s press briefing:

“This announcement today recognizes that empire actor Jussie Smollett took advantage of the pain and anger of racism to promote his career. I’m left hanging my head and asking why.”

He continued: “Why would anyone — especially an African-American man — use the symbolism of a noose to make false accusations? How could someone look at the hatred and suffering associated with that symbol and see an opportunity to manipulate that symbol to further his own public profile?”

if this true,
i know he is buggggggggggggggggin’.
there has to be more to this story.
unless he’s a sociopath and wanted attention.
in my head,
he is protecting someone.
he used that bullshit excuse and they’re gonna pay him off to go away.
this can’t be the true motive.


lowkey: i don’t know why folks are throwing stones at the cpd.
i know 98% of the hunters can’t be trusted,

but they origianlly were treating jussie as a victim.
they were trying to help him find his attackers.
it seems like jussie gave them doubt.

eta: and of course…

article cc: cnn

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  1. I’d like to point out that even after his 100,000 bail.. He STILL protests his innocence & feels betrayed. What if he actually was innocent by chance…..? The fact that if he was just black and not guy, would there be such a doubt if he was the embodiment of a typical hyper masculine heterosexual black man? How much would they doubt?

    Since he’s a sissy, he’s lost support for most straight black dudes already who won’t say it but like when gays get beat up.

    They see feminity in men as weak and deserving of punishment…but that is so funny. It shows you what they actually think of females. SMH. Dummies.

  2. All of this to get a raise in salary, please make it make sense; how was that even suppose to work. Now I definitely have to wait to trial. I hope the Chicago police department isn’t placing all of there hopes on those Nigerians because this motive makes me believe Jussie even more.

  3. Now I know I ain’t crazy. I clearly said in one of my posts he might not be getting paid what we think and people will do what it takes to get on top. I be loving when I be on point and to the point on stuff like this…..However, I’ll say this loosely…”You never know who is working for who behind closed doors.”

  4. They were not originaly treating him as a victim, it was said cpd didn’t believe his story from the beginning! The Police Cheif who spoke at the press conference mad me cringe… While Jussie should be held accountable, I hopes the Police Cheif keeps that same energy with R. Kelly.

  5. I don’t know why you guys are so confused though. If you look st all of Jussie’s work as an artist especially with his music videos, he preaches about social injustice, gun violence and social injustice towards people of color and LGBTQ&P. So it makes sense for him to plot something on a grand scheme to make him look like the black hero/gay Tupac he’s always wanted to be!

    He’s done a lot of work to support his activism but when you’re gay and black, black men don’t support you because they want all of their heroes to be masculine and strong and basically toxic masculinity. And if black men don’t support you then their women won’t.

    Staging this attack was the perfect way for him to gain national stardom and sympathy from everyone one. If everything had gone according to plan do you see how many opportunities would open for him. He would be looked at a gay man who fought back against attacker’s, he punched them and fought for his life, he’s basically a hero…in a fictional world. But things crashed and burned so people are left scratching their heads like huh?

    All of the receipts are here, the police were very delicate with the story from the beginning so no one tried to set him up they gave him the benefit of the doubt. If they found his attackers and let’s say this was true, then this would have been a win for them to have found these guys and brought them to justice. So all of these conspiracies on the police REGARDING THIS SPECIFIC CASE just need to be put to rest.

    Yes I know we don’t want to believe it.
    I know because we are minorities we hate to see white people and Team Trump win this time but we gotta just take this L and go home.

    All of these celebrities defending him are in great denial.

  6. On another note tho…. Y’all know this is the end for “Empire” right?!?! I mean desperate situations like this appear true false this screams “We Need Publicity!!”

    1. @Mysonne

      Unfortunately you may be right. While Jussie wasn’t the only thing good about the show, Smollett’s character was one of the few reasons I was compelled to watch. The popular political drama House of Cards was cancelled after actor Kevin Spacey was MeTooed out of Hollywood. I just couldn’t watch the show without his character, and so couldn’t millions of other fans.

      Empire is will probably die a slow death. Or it may be canceled after this season.

  7. Welp, this has been a really weird ride. And I’m still sitting here asking WHY?

    Firstly, I don’t believe financial gain was the only motive. There has to be something more! Or perhaps “someone” more?? Meaning a more powerful entity behind this hoax. I think the FBI with it’s infinite resources could uncover something quite ground shattering if they’re not afraid to look. Jussie is still in deep trouble for the fake letters sent to Fox Studios. There are several federal crimes he could be charged with once the Feds are done.

  8. I would like an apology from thelonelywriter and jimmydean16 for the nasty comments they made to me on Feb 2 in regards to this whole situation, defending a person they didn’t know or have any affiliation with. No matter what the reason or the theories that I proposed, he lied about the situation and now there really is no rebuttal anyone can give. I’ll be around.

    I think I’m more disappointed in the people that believed this story blindly despite it not making a lick of sense from the very beginning. It showed that, given the right person and right situation, people will follow a herd mentality blindly and not think critically. People needed it to be a real hate crime because deep down inside, if it was proven that he staged everything, this would look bad on the black gay community. We as black gay men do not have the luxury of being individuals; one of us does something, we all do it. People knew that that’s why they went so hard to defend him. If the story didn’t make sense, why would anyone expect the motive to make sense? Cognitive dissonance at it’s finest and there couldn’t be a better example of it.

    To add to that, I believe Jussie is lying about the motive. If this is indeed political, and it’s found that he did it to help anyone that may be running for the 2020 Pres. slot, everyone from Tomi Lauren to Sean Hannity will milk this as long as they can to run people into the arms of Trump. “Dems can’t be trusted, etc.” Does anyone realize the reprocussions this will have politically if this is found to be the case? Right wing news outlets are gonna have a field day with this shit. Jussie doesn’t strike me as being smart enough to pull this off on his own. He had help from someone to pull off this farce, but pointing a finger at whoever may have assisted him or thought it up will have more dire consequences in the long run for him. Much more than the trouble he’s already in.

    I also want to address the fact that you can be black, gay, and still a liar. If the story was sound, I would be defending Jussie. It didn’t make sense. Nobody can argue that. He went on Good Morning America and cried to Robin Roberts to garner sympathy. He tried to shame us by not believing him. He and others called the media outlets “fake news” because they were disputing the sequence of events. People tried to discredit the Chicago PD because of what happened with Laquan McDonald when one didn’t have anything to do with the other. If we couldn’t trust the police department with the case, why even go to them? If Jussie couldn’t trust them with his phone, how could he trust them to deal with his case effectively? He used the black gay community as a prop to further an agenda. I don’t appreciate that and I think that is what pisses me off the most. But you guys still need a motive. Y’all still need it to make sense. Y’all still holding out hope that he’s telling the truth. We have to do better as rational thinkers to not just believe a story because it’s given to you, esp. when it comes to a celebrity.

    Goodbye Jussie. (And lock up that manager that was on the phone with him too.)

    1. ^i told folks not to disrespect or call anyone in foxhole names over jussie.
      i had a feeling they would end up being disappointed with the outcome.

      1. Iam not disappointed in him lam more dissapointed in the news a man was found to have a lot of guns and 1,000 bullets saying he allegedly was gonna assinate people and jussie was headlining the news AND HE WASN’T AND GUCCI AND OTHER DESIGNERS GET OFF SINCE IT’S BLACK HISTORY MONTH LET’S STUDY ROSEWOOD FLORIDA OR WATCH THE MOVIE LITTLE BLACK HISTORY FACT We can have long conversation about jussie his WRONGS and RIGHT but when these other ISSUES come up WE HUSH UP IAM Saying give everyone and every issue equal conversation and not ignore SOME

        1. I saw that story while I was at the gym. Supposedly, the guy was a Coast Guard officer that had the names of high ranking Democrats and wanted to shoot as much of innocent civilains as possible. There is something profoundly wrong with this country, specifically as it pertains to politics. Everyone please be vigilant because things are really getting worse and worse out here.

  9. We just want the truth damnit! This story has soo many holes in it…his, the 2 beefy dudes, the Chicago police, everyone is fishy, lol. Like I dont understand how someone who had a stable career, fans & money could honestly think to themselves that the payout of getting caught with what was claimed wouldnt be detrimental. The only way I can wrap my brain around him doing this is he must have thought he wouldnt get caught. But when you plan these things, you cant go into it with that mentality…you gotta weigh all your options. He should have thought to himself “If I get caught tho, will the backlash be worth it” and its obvious he didnt…smh.

    1. He earned $65,000 per episode with an average of 18 episodes per season. That’s around a million dollars per year.
      – source Huffington Post

      Greedy bastid 😣

  10. All this For a salary raise? He’s really close to Lee Daniels who is the creator and executive producer on the show. He hangs with Lee all the time. So why wouldn’t he have his agent give Lee and the studio a call and do salary negotiations for the next season? This whole thing is a mess.

  11. Nah… there’s more to the story. This story has been fed to us perfectly. If I’m wrong, I’ll accept that. However, between the countless leaks and accusations… it seems as if someone wants us to believe this.

    1. ^there seems to be a to of evidence pointing in his guilt.
      they didn’t even use allegedly.
      he spoke to the mandingo warrior wolves and hour before and after the alleged attack.
      the scratches appeared to be self inflicted too.
      the worst part is he alleged paid them with a check.

      what else do we need here?

      1. I guess I just don’t understand…. why? What’s the gain? What’s worth it enough to risk losing fans, the secured bag and support. It just don’t seem right.

        I need to hear from him before I make a judgment.

  12. he is protecting someone………… Your words may ring true. This entire story sounds too incredible for ONE person to plan. I am with you Jamari on this one- There’s more to this story that hopefully will come out.

    Its a sad ass story however. Why use Black people’s pain and struggles to according to the police to further his own public profile?. Is this so tempting in the age of Trump?

    1. ^maybe to make him a gay hero?
      that is sympathy and donations.
      it also leads you to speak at events and raise your stock as a victims.
      true victims make money off of their stories.

      this is all in my head tho.
      it sounds very “wtf?” and i don’t know if i believe it.

      1. I believe this is related to politics that letter was sent around the same time he made a post (1/20) he called Trump and his “white hooded cohorts ” a national disgrace.

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