suspects, potential lies, and store video tapes: the “what next?” of jussie smollett

earlier today,
i asked myself…

Maybe Jussie was set up?

just maybe,
in a twist that he’s being framed.
survey says:

i had to remember that wouldn’t make any sense.
he brought alla this drama to the public.
it’s his word with constant “huh?” and “wtf?”.
it seems the cpd is about to bring the heat to his tail.
so jussie smollett is officially a suspect in this situation he’s in.
this is what was released today…

he puts his hoody on after the fact?
i mean…
that shoulda been on before they walked in there.
there is more video

which all led to this:

with these latest developments,
it was only natural shit was about to hit the fan.
he has been indicted for a felony,
according to “tmz“.

x see it here

it’s dark and his hell is hot.

i know he wants to stay under the whole bed at this point.

lowkey: his bestie and “empire” costar,
gabrielle sibide,
is standing by him.
she put this up on her ig…

she is loyal.
i expect her to be.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

25 thoughts on “suspects, potential lies, and store video tapes: the “what next?” of jussie smollett”

  1. Now indicted. smdh Well this is moving along. Sad case but the question is why? For the documented 4400 black people lynched btw 1870 and 1950 and the endless lgbt of color beaten and murdered to allegedly lie about something so traumatic is extremely disheartening and troubling and an insult to the real victims. Not to mention the police hours which could have been spent on the serious murders in Chicago

    1. Have a Chicago police don’t care about those black people being murdered get the fuck out of here Black people who are getting murdered and Having their organs has removed trying to blame all black on black crime which is not true the Chicago police are doing that

    2. The Chicago Police department cover up that police officer who shot of that black dude it was over a year until they Least the dash cam video. They had an officer who was accused of raping a teenager In Their police department And black people who Was killed in Chicago have their organs removed and people are saying that the Chicago Police Department apartment are killing black people and removing their organs Try to blame it on black on black crime in Chicago which is a total lie.

  2. “I am the gay Tupac.” He was really feeling his deceitful behind on that stage. Well Tupac dead and so Jussie’s career.

    I can only believe this was a selfish, and brought on by his ego. That is the only way I can explain it.

    1. ^a side of me thinks he allegedly did it so they could pass that anti lynching law.
      this would help push it forward.
      if he was an alleged pawn in some game,
      be better start singing

  3. It looks bad,real bad but I still say innocent until proven guilty.Now if there are text messages,voicemails,bank records,etc.Then I will accept it. But right now all I’m seeing is they said vs he said.I’m still holding out hope, so sue me 😂 But seriously if there is objective evidence then so be it.I’m really ready for this to be over,you can’t turn on local news,cable news,national news,social media without hearing about this.Hell I’m ready for another scandal so the media can stop focusing on him.

  4. I dont understand it either…like why Jussie, wwwhhyyyy? I dunno, part of me still has hope that he was telling the truth or theres some big misunderstanding somewhere but the more information that comes out, the less confident I feel.

    Even if his reason for doing this was good, the fact that he thought his plan was sooo flawless is crazy. From walking to Subway late at night in below freezing weather, to not immediately handing over his phone, to it being revealed that the attack could have been 2 black people vs him saying they were white…the whole thing was a mess…smh

  5. So if you disagree with someone as to the reasoning behind the attack you’re homophobic or racist? We can’t even question it? That in itself is dangerous. I need someone to explain events as how Jussie explained it. No one can because the shit doesn’t make sense. Now all of a sudden, the media isn’t to be trusted. But isn’t the media the one he ran to when he initially got attacked? The same media that he ran to Robin Roberts to tell his version of events? C’mon with the bullshit.

    You are entitled to believe what you want. I am a gay black man who has no personal stake in this story. Doesn’t move me one way or another. But it doesn’t make sense. No one is denying that he was attacked. The initial report said he had a broken rib, but that same weekend, he’s on stage dancing talking about he’s the gay Tupac. I will say this: I don’t appreciate my sexuality and my race being used as a prop to assert an agenda if (I feel he did it, but we will say if) Jussie did orchestrate this hoax. Too much real world stuff going on for ppl to be out here lying.

  6. Jussie is wrong if he’s lying, which it seems like he is, but for this to be the sole focus of so many people is just too much for me—from politicians, to celebrities, to even the presidential family.

    Chicago is on it with the details and videos too. They’ve been dropping info faster than ever. I’mma need Chicago to be on it like this about their segregation, corruption, and schooling issues too.

  7. I don’t see this on Chicago PD’s official page. I do not trust anything from “sources” or “Chicago police say”, and definitely not TMZ.

  8. I’m still on the boat of innocent until proven guilty. Even if there was a vid of Just getting beating these negative assholes would say it was God’s punishment or what was he doing out at 2am. How are we sure the brothers are not lying? How are we not sure this was a part of the plan and someone else hired them and is currently paying them. Jus could be lying be he also couldn’t. It may look like he’s lying because that’s what the media wants you to see to keep the controversy rolling and to fuel negative naysayers from the beginning.

    Him saying he’s the gay 2Pac could be a reference to how 2Pac was woke and spoke the truth. It may also be him showing that even though this happened, he is still a “G”.

    And then my other reason: He’s lying for publicity. Idk why folks keep asking Why? The answer is why not? Kim Kardashian said she was robbed & evidence was shaky at best. There are tons of examples of plenty other folks lying to get to the top. Folks say he was in the top 3 on Empire, why not go for one? Use any tool at your disposal to get to the top. Success isn’t always about “hard work”. There are plenty of people that are hard workers & live basic lives and there are plenty of lazy ass privileged folks that don’t work hard but have a game plan. Think smarter, not work harder.

    The most liked post on Instagram is a picture of a damn egg. The man behind it is rich af because of it. I hardly think his cause behind it merited him to become a millionaire but I guess. 🤷‍♂️

    Jussie’s career may be upufor debate but his folks still have money overall, so his life is far from being “ruined” He will clearly be taken care of regardless. 🤷‍♂️

  9. It is what is is man. We all saw this coming, we talked about it, fight about it and now it is here.
    Jussie rushing back on stage after the attack
    Jussie pushing for that interview
    Jussie saying they were white instead of black
    Jussie bringing up the rope and bleach because white people walk around with rope and bleach looking for “niggers” to rope and bleach.
    Jussie’s “attackers” turning out to be his personal trainer nd his brother…like bruh even if you were attacked by random people why did they turn out to be people you knew randomly at .2am???

    Anyway I feel bad for Jussie yes I do because here is a successful gay man that they are determined to make an example out of. Yes he fucked up but he’s human and God knows I’ve made my share of mistakes, now I ain’t make up nothing like that but damn I can see how anyone of us can fuck up as well.

    So now what?
    His career is done?
    No coming back from this?
    No more Empire?
    Like it really sucks and now that the truth is out it’s bittersweet. Okay we got to the bottom of it but we also lost a very supportive figure in the media.

    Mannn Jussie oh Jussie why did you have to brother? 😞

    1. How supportive can a person be to make up a whole scenario, display it to the world, and garner sympathy at the expense of both the black and gay communities, some of us who aren’t as rich and well known who HAVE gone thru real shit solely because of us being at the intersection of both communities? Pineapple is a fraud.

  10. This is what the people saw and will be the only thing they will see before anything else…..

    👉!!!!! that the actor, who is black and gay and portrays a gay character on Empire!!!!! 👈

  11. I could be wrong but on this one, but I’m going to agree with Gabby and say I believe Jussie is telling the truth on this situation. I still haven’t seen any real motive behind the idea that it was a hoax, what was the end game suppose to be, if this was a lie how was it supposed to play out. I saw the conspiracy theory of this was done in order to get the anti-lynching legislation passed, my only issue with that is has Jussie been that much of an activist I mean he really hasn’t even used this situation while the spotlight is on him to advocate for other victims who wouldn’t necessarily get the same attention he is because he’s a celebrity; now all of a sudden he’s going to take a professional hit on a lie?

    And just to play devil’s advocate for a moment, even if it were a hoax or a lie; how mad and outraged should I really be. At the end of the day no one was hurt or killed, no one got arrested or lost their freedom unduly because of false allegations, detectives handled the investigation so it’s not like patrol officers were taken off the street, Jussie transported himself to the hospital so it’s not like you could even argue that he robbed someone else of an ambulance ride. If it can be proven in a court of law that Jussie lied there should be some cost associated with that but I think we should also keep in mind that we live in a society where innocent people are in jail as we speak for crimes they didn’t commit because of a lie, we have people getting out of prison after 20 and 30 years for crimes they didn’t commit because of a lie , and we have women accusing men of rapes and sexual assaults that they didn’t commit with little to no consequences. Ultimately I don’t know where this Jussie case sits on the rage meter , but if he’s found guilty and has to pay a price I hope we keep that same energy with all the other cases that are surely to come.

    1. Yup. We Taureans are very loyal and protective of those we care about. We are very giving and ride or die, sometimes to a fault. We love hard and we fight hard.

  12. A part of me truly wants to believe Jussie, however, the evidence against him is so overwhelming and continues to build. The question we are all asking ourselves is, why Jussie? If these allegations are found to be true, What were u trying to prove?

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