rip karl lagerfeld

i thought of star fox today when i heard the news…

star fox was heavy on the fashion tip.
i mean that was gonna be his career.
he spoke of his love for karl lagerfeld,
the creative director and fashion designer for chanel.
that was one of the folks he looked up to.
i know if he was still alive today,
he would have been devastated at karl’s passing.

some folks you think will live forever.
they had a special pact with God to live until 190.
karl was one of them.
he was iconic as he was shady af.
he will be missed within the fashion world.
he was the godfather.
whoever takes his place has very big shoes to fill.
rip to karl.

lowkey: i bet that funeral will be insane.
i feel his cat will get everything in his will too.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “rip karl lagerfeld”

  1. I loved watching his fashion show. they was something else. whoever take over channel. they got some big show to fill.

  2. Lagerfeld was an icon many times over. But as you say, he was shady AF. He could not stand fat women or fat people in general. He also said horrible things about the recent waves of refugees in Europe. Yet he would sometimes drag himself for points, just to keep it real. Another legend, headed to the great beyond.

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