charge these criminals with “assault with a deadly dick”

*the following entry is xxx.
viewer discretion is strongly advised.

i want to talk to the wolves tonight.
some of the hybrids too.
please come to the front of the foxhole.
let’s talk about your dicks for a second.
that nice big dick of yours…

Ima need you to not assault the cheeks
like you’re raping someone

my cousin confused saddened me to hear about his first time.
for many foxes,
it usually isn’t a pleasant experience.
some asshole wants to tear open your asshole.
he is literally banging you and getting upset because you’re hurting.


i need males to understand that the first time can be very painful.
it’s not a pussy where you can shove it in and go ham.
you can’t even fo that to pussy during the first time.
butt cheeks need special care.
one wrong move and you can rip someone’s hole wide open.
not ony that,
you give them the risk of getting hemorrhoids.
even those who haven’t been penetrated in a long time..

…need the same extra care.
i know you enjoy trying to be like what you see on myvidster,
but that doesn’t make you someone’s good first time.
if i grab you by the waist suddenly or scream “STOP!”,
i’ll need you to figure out what’s going on.
once someone is open and is comfortable how you give dick,
you can start clappin’ cheeks like a round of applause.

anything other than that can feel like rape to those on the bottom.
get it together.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “charge these criminals with “assault with a deadly dick””

    1. Thank you, Sir Darius. I could not watch more than a few seconds. Sagging testicles? Beer belly? Pinky-sized penis? Makes me want to put in some reps. I have seen the Twitter clip drawn in yaoi. Not my cup of tea.

  1. Imma be real honest I appreciate this post because these Wolves be tryna hurt a n****, but that visual just f**** me up!!!!😳😳😳😭😭 I am so turned off right now I dont know what to do!!!

    1. I think that I could have F**K someone straight by hitting that second hole!!! Here’s my story , when I was younger from 16 through 21 I had a f**k buddy who I did on the regular from late middle school until my third year of undergrad, in a medium size southern town. Back then we were not aware of the whole gay/DL culture , we didn’t consider ourselves to be a couple nor did we consider ourselves to be gay bisexual or anything on that level. Outside of me banging that a** out, we didn’t have that much in common. We ran in different cliques in school, and in our neighborhood. My guy who I will call Rock was a typical dumb jock, Rock played football, he was very muscular, he was 6’2, he had a big fat a** , he had a thin line of hair running down from his naval to his pubic hair region, it used to drive me crazy whenever he took his shirt off, and his ass had hair perfectly lining the walls of his inner cheeks, but the rest of his ass was smooth as a sheet of glass. I got so hot every time he spread his ass cheeks, with his lube covered hands right before I stuck my hard as steel dick in it. I used to over lube my dick and his ass for maximum penetration, I wanted no resistance.

      Oh yeah in retrospect, he had the dick of an African god lol, it was amazing to see, to feel and to hold, it was a man’s, man’s dick lol, must have been between 9.5 and 10 easily(never measured each other), although honesty back then I didn’t appreciate the beauty of the black dick, all I wanted was that a**. We used to play this game, I invented (hee hee), “how much pain you can take”, and surprisingly Rock played every time, and BTW a brief disclaimer, back then everything I knew about sex I learned from porn, because I learned that if I made them holler during sex it meant that I had a Mandingo dick( which I do), and that I was putting it down like I was supposed to. Looking back now, I think my sex with Rock lacked any intimacy, because I was committed to banging his hole back to the stone age, and what felt good to me without any concern about what he liked, and looking back I kind of regret that I was never gentile with him, or asked him what he wanted.

      So I really don’t know if Rock enjoyed having his guts rearranged several times a week, in the context did he crave my dick in his downtime, or was it just teenage raging hormones at play. We ever talked about sex after we were done. Our understanding of our sex involved a phone call, or a random conversation, and then a few minutes later Rock’s legs were up in the air with my dick in his a**!!! However, one time I did ask Rock how it felt when I pulled out, and he equated it to, like popping the cork off a champagne bottle, I guess I put a vacuum seal on his a** when I was all up in it lol.

      I recall busting my first nut ever inside him, we were outside screwing at night behind a church, because we could not find a place to screw (our parents were at home), I remember when I was banging him mercilessly that night, I hit him with a vicious Mike Tyson inspired dick uppercut that made Rock suddenly violently crawl forward on the grass like Spiderman up a wall. He yelled, are you trying to kill me? However, even with that vicious pounded he never told me to stop , and anyway while I was wailing on that a**, carried away from his hushed vocals, I suddenly felt a strange sensation in my loins, then well you know the rest lol. Somehow I knew, I had busted a nut inside Rocky , however I never told him because he may have made me stopped.

      I continued to hit Rock’s a** on the regular like that for several years, and I kept wondering why he was letting me shred his ass the way I did, but I guess he was a power bottom. However all this pounding came to a stop suddenly one day when, I was banging the life out of him, and he was very vocal whenever I hit it real hard he would say ohhh it hurts, it hurts, this guy had the perfect chest that I use to grab to onto the help me thrust up in his a** as far my dick could go. He also had hairy armpits that I like to slide my hands underneath them, and gently rub during sex. Anyway, I digress, and I recall taking a mighty trust upward and inward, and I felt my dick punch through what felt like a wet paper towel, suddenly, I was inside an area of his a** that I never been in before, it felt wet and wide, it was the best feeling ever. As soon as I hit that spot he yelled you’re in my back, and he made me get up the first time ever!!

      All I knew was wherever I was, I wanted to get back there as quickly as possible it was like my dick after years of searching finally found its home lol. At first he was reluctant to let me back in, however I begged and pleaded to let me stick it back in, and foolishly he let me back in, and after a couple of minutes of intense pounding with him yelling at the top of his lungs, I broke through the second hole again, and I knew I had seconds to act, so I nutted like I never nutted before, and until then I wasn’t sure if he could feel me nut inside of him. Anyway, when I nutted in him he asked me “why I was peeing in his rump?” After than our sex became less frequent until we stopped allowing me to penetrate him altogether. We really haven’t spoken in years and now he has children and is in his second marriage.

      It wasn’t until years afterwards, I realized that I probably did some serious damage to his insides that day, and I wonder if he had to see a doctor about what happen between us. I realized now that in my sexual immaturity, I probably physical traumatized him, and possibly caused him some psychological damage. Afterwards I grew as a sexual being and I believe now that I am a more considerate lover. I remember telling somebody how I used to hit Rock’s a**, and he said if he is still getting down, if someone doesn’t hit has a** the way I did he is going to think something is wrong lol.

    1. Never has a foxholer’s comment resonated with me more…!!! Sometimes a perpetually horny 20-something-old bottom like me just need his walls torn down like the Biblical walls of Jericho…Hallelu!

  2. These stories and that disgusting visual… I’m ctfu, I love my gays and I needed this laugh

    Jamari you a fool for this one and you should do a post on how to top for the ones that don’t know how far they should go. Us bottoms need our tlc.

  3. My first experience was like this….I got fucked….and fucked rough. He assumed that because I have sex appeal that meant I was experienced. This equates to him fucking me senseless & telling me don’t try to hold in the moans or whatever…I firmly remember him asking about sex and me agree. His damn clothes came off soooooooooooo fast.

    And he was just standing there ass naked, dick half hard and hanging all out.

    Had this been on another level, you’d think I was getting rapped. Needless to say, because I had practiced slightly with a 7 inch dildo made things slightly easier.

    Most of the guy that wanted or still want to have sex with me are aggressive.

    1. You got to teach them how to treat you they assume err body wants it ruff and deep i mean most women dont like it hard and ruff its your body demand he respect it or bounce

      1. True. Most of the dudes be having a point to prove. They think making you holla is all that. If you ever get a chance to to get in that mode. Start calling their name while moaning and look up at them and see the smirk of ego driven satisfaction on their faces.

  4. Thats why i find versatile men to be my cup of tea someone who gets it knows how it feel and usually is great at giving plus im not the one to bottom all the time both can feel grreat

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