charge these criminals with “assault with a deadly dick”

*the following entry is xxx.
viewer discretion is strongly advised.

i want to talk to the wolves tonight.
some of the hybrids too.
please come to the front of the foxhole.
let’s talk about your dicks for a second.
that nice big dick of yours…

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Drama King

tumblr_mkzubwe3Jo1s2sjwvo1_500i woke up this morning at 4am in a sweat.
it was kinda hot in my apartment,
because the heat been on “hoe in church with no draws on” level.
ironically enough,
i went to sleep naked that night.
i had a funny feeling in the pit my stomach.
something didn’t feel “right”.
i get those feelings often.
i got up and went to check the locks.
i walked throughout the crib to make sure no one was hiding in my closets.
(ha ha ha i already hear the jokes now).
i looked at my mail on my coffee table.
  no current or overdue bills.
restaurant ads and junk mail.
my apartment was clean.
i gave a quick thanks to god.
he has provided me so much and i am truly grateful.
i laid on my couch.
what was this feeling i was having?
why was i having it?
i wasn’t use to it.
then it hit me!
i was feeling the effects of “my house was in order”.
i had no drama in my life.
i’m not getting fucked on the regular,
but i don’t have to worry about some bullshit ass wolf.
no struggling to pay bills.
food was in my fridge.
i’m unemployed,
but i was still making it.
i cut off all the dead weight.
i erased a ton of useless contacts in my phone.
so why was i feeling like this?
why was i up at 4am,
and still stripping myself down looking for something wrong?
i started to wonder…
if i am so used to things going completely left field…

Was I actually shocked when things are going right?

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Hey Big Illegal Money Spender, Cum Spend A Little Time With Me…..

i know you got one.
everyone seems to have one.
some people do the usual 9 to 5 with a 6 to 1 on the side.
not everyone wants to slave at two jobs though.
i know people selling avon.
got some people on my left doing mca.
on my right, i know a few selling sex toys.
people are trying to become rich.
fuck that.
sadly, many are trying to become hood rich.

that easy money.
that type of bread that brings the bottles and the bitches.
that type of green that brings vip lists and front row seats.

let instagram tell it,
everyone who lives in the hood has louie, gucci, and prada.
vixens have on loubs and giuseppes.
wolves are throwing bills while sipping on ace of spade bottles.
this is the new “american dream“.
we are attracted to those living that lifestyle,
but i started to wonder…

Is easy money always easy?

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If I Had A D*ck For A Day….

… I would go and get it sucked to see what it feels like!

That is the first thing I hear Vixens saying regarding the question:

“If You Could Be A Man for a Day”…

Well, Melbourne inspired this next question.
(one of which I am dying to see the answers.)

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They say when something comes easier,
you do not appreciate it.

You know, those things that we get in life that came easily.
You notice that when something is easy and free,
it does not have the same luster as something you had to pay or work hard for?
People have lost things faster than when they put blood, sweat, and tears into it.
People who win the lottery or who get fame when they already had it are perfect examples.
Drake and Rihanna are also the PERFECT muses for this entry.
But when it comes to this lifestyle and finding a Wolf in this giant Forest:

When the Wolf is too easy, are we easily turned off?


I Like It When It Is HARD

I remember when I was younger
and I use to play Nintendo like it was going out of style…

The joys of seeing the ending credits of a video games.
My pre-teen dick would get bigger because
I whopped some dragon over his head and dropped him in some lava.
I would stay up for hours playing games just so I could beat them.
There was not one game that I could not beat.
You handed it to me and I would beat that shit in a couple days.
And when it came to games where I had to play with people?
That is when I showed my Foxy ass!!
I always accepted a challenge and never backed down from the thought of defeat.

Well a Wolf is a game that Foxes need to learn how to play.
Here is how…

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