I Like It When It Is HARD

I remember when I was younger
and I use to play Nintendo like it was going out of style…

The joys of seeing the ending credits of a video games.
My pre-teen dick would get bigger because
I whopped some dragon over his head and dropped him in some lava.
I would stay up for hours playing games just so I could beat them.
There was not one game that I could not beat.
You handed it to me and I would beat that shit in a couple days.
And when it came to games where I had to play with people?
That is when I showed my Foxy ass!!
I always accepted a challenge and never backed down from the thought of defeat.

Well a Wolf is a game that Foxes need to learn how to play.
Here is how…

Have you ever noticed that men love games?
Sports, video games, shit I think the Rubik Cube was made for men.
Men like a challenge and like to figure things out.
You ever notice that the bitchier the Vixen, the more a Wolf is drawn to her?
She has shown herself as a challenge and he now wants to take her down.
If the Vixen is easier, then there is no challenge so there is no lasting effect.
Every movie that comes out, the female the man falls for is a straight bitch to him.
She does not take and his ego seriously…until he does some dramatic act and she falls for him.

Foxes, we need to learn to be strategic.
Giving up the Foxhole because dude is sexy should not be the game we are playing.
We have it in us but we fuck up putting our feet in emotional high heels.
We should be fighting and competing with the best of them to get what we want.

The joys of taking down a Wolf who is use to getting his way with other Foxes.
The joys of getting ‘game over’ when you finally get the Wolf you want.
The joys of playing the life and love game as an expert.

That means as a Fox, we need to look at everything like a game.
Something we need to figure out so we could understand it better.
That means looking at the bigger picture rather than the .jpg…

When you look at these Wolves on Twitter, for example, they are playing the game.
They are probably corny as hell when you talk to him, but they have 12,000 followers.

How is this?

One, they say things people will eat up. We call this “Branding”.
They feel the need to win the world over with swag and being frank about sex and buying shit.

Two, they know Foxes and Vixens will lust after some shirtless picture. This is “Imaging”
No one can deny a nigga with a nice body.
So, they work out because they know people follow good looking people.

Lastly, they flaunt a lifestyle appealing to the masses.
They are the “perfect” Wolf. This is what we call “Bullshit”.
They talk the talk because we want the cock.
Everything is inspirational and “I’m lonely” because that draws others in.

We fall for it because we are hungry for “that”…
…even if we do not see the 20,000 hooking up for the same thing.
Little do we realize,
he is playing ALL OF US and in a few months after he fucks his whole game up,
he will be exposed and thrown in the used bin for the next dude with the same lame game.


So is putting on our thinking caps the real solution?
Will it all change once we put the life controller in our hands?
Can we get the Wolf we want if we start adjusting our inner settings?

 Do you want it easy, medium, or hard?

… because no matter what life you choose,
I want all my Foxes out there to be:

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “I Like It When It Is HARD”

  1. We attract both good and and bad wolves and foxes and others are some where in between.The only way to win this game to me is to keep the superfiscal out of the equation .”when I was a child I did childish things but when I became a man all that childish crap went out the window with the baby and bath water…Just because a snake is wounded don’t mean he isn’t a snake…take him in and nurse him, eventually he will squeeze the life out of you.

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