This Is Why I Love Nic Harris

Bravo. Carolina Panthers linebacker Nic Harris is the latest to lend his face, name and celebrity to photographer Adam Bouska’s striking “No H8” campaign. It’s a powerful visual statement in support for equality and gay rights.

Harris is the second professional footballer to participate in “No H8”. The first was New York Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie in November 2010. Basketball legend Isiah Thomas also posed for Bouska several months earlier in August 2010.

In recent months, Baltimore Ravens LB Brendon Ayanbadejo and New Orleans Saints LB Scott Fujita have becomeĀ  impressive allies for LGBT rights. Footballer Will Demps has also come out strongly for equality, as have basketball greats Charles Barkley and Magic Johnson. It’s a refreshing trend to counter the ignorance.

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  1. do you see how his fine ass look!!!! i wonder if he’s gona b one of the first to come out?

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