The Kinda Sorta Secret To Finding Wolves

Well, let me 1st say that I have been reading/following IJF for a while now. Time to comment. I have had wolves, foxes, and vixens all of that.. come to me. It’s not about looks it is more about making yourself a brand. Caring about the right now while planning your next move for tomorrow. Being in touch with yourself somehow allows you to be more open with others. I’m only 21 but based on my experience, if you want something bad enough.. do nothing.. but give everything. If that makes sense.

I guess it’s a coincidence that we both happen to be Scorpios. But, you pretty much nailed it. Some people spend a lot of time over thinking and they lose their overall goal. If you can focus more on what you find imperative and less of what you desire.. then you can truly find what you have been looking for… without using GPS. ;o)

Compliments of one of my readers, Duhhebadd.

I went to sleep with that whole comment section on my mind.
Matter a fact, I woke up and they were still there.
The message was clear, but still in a Rubik Cube my mind was turning.
Just like the Wolf code I was trying to crack.

Take a walk in my past to see what I found out about myself…

I am guilty of hunting hard for a Wolf.
I was like a foxier version of Elmer Fudd.
When I was chasing those silly Wolves, they right back into their forests.

But check this….

It all went back to when I thought I was ugly and worthless.
I was a teenager then, but I had the lowest self-esteem.
I was attracting Wolves left and right…and I wasn’t looking AT ALL.
At the time, I was chasing Vixens and they were running from me.
(You’ll see how it all adds up soon…)

As life went on, a few Vixens and Wolves of Yester-Year gassed my head up.
A couple of therapy sessions and self-help books later,
I started seeing WHO I was…and he was fucking sexy.
So I started to wonder WHY I was single?
Which lead me to searching hard because of what I was told:

“You are too cute to be single.”
“Why is someone like you single?”
“You could have any man or woman you want…”

That started to bother me and I had to prove my society of confused judges wrong.
So when I started coming up empty, I started to dig myself in a hole.
I asked myself what was wrong with me and why was I alone?
I was covering myself with the dirt I was speaking about myself and my situation.

….leading me back to when I was 16 again,
just in a whole new outfit with mis-matched mind accessories.

After reading the comments in that entry last week,
I decided to NOT go about looking for ANYONE.
I did not go about trying to find a Wolf or think to myself what I needed to do.
Should I hold my gaze this way or should I move my head that way.
I didn’t even pay attention to Wolfs I thought were sexy for more than a second.
I just kept my focus on other things.

I had work to do, I wrote more, read a few books, watched movies, downloaded new music, cleaned my crib, did laundry, and you see where I’m going with this…..

…and can you believe a couple Wolves were trying to get at me on the sly?
Not ones I am interested in, but I got more attention and more stares.
This Wolf even hit me with a head nod.
I even catch Vixens peepin’ on the low and even blatantly flirting with me.
I just dismissed everything and accepted my own attention.

Was this the secret?
Are we suppose to not chase anything to receive everything?

So the moral of my readers comments is to just back away and concentrate on something else.
Could be school, making yourself a brand, starting a blog, or my favorite…


Whatever it is,
not only will you building up your personal stock,
but when he finally comes along – you’ll be more than equipped to handle him.
…or maybe,
we have to figure out who we are before we can figure someone else out.

Thanks you readers of mine.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “The Kinda Sorta Secret To Finding Wolves”

  1. hit the nail on the head with this 1. lol i just found out i have BDD but thats still not the big issue with me

  2. You’re always on time with the post, bro. I might just have to keep this on my homepage for the next day.

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