The Best Spot On Earth

persons-0007_large“i love my readers.
they so smart n shit…”

i keep on saying this in my head often.
i swear i do…
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The Thing That Counts Is What’s Inside of My Issues

Ya know, I have been thinking today…

Thinking: my worst enemy, right?
But, I have been thinking how grateful I am for all of you guys who read.
I can never say it enough, but I am extremely blessed.
From the views, to the lurkers, to the comments: Aaaahhhhhh, I get all mushy thinking about it.

Oh shut up, you know your ass is smiling.
I know that we only communicate through words, but those words definitely bring us closer.
I try to write or supply you guys with something nice every day, just to bring us closer.
See, it is all in my master plan of Fox World Domination.
Patience, my Foxes, Hybrids and Wolves out there.

*insert evil genius laugh track here*

That being said…

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The Kinda Sorta Secret To Finding Wolves

Well, let me 1st say that I have been reading/following IJF for a while now. Time to comment. I have had wolves, foxes, and vixens all of that.. come to me. It’s not about looks it is more about making yourself a brand. Caring about the right now while planning your next move for tomorrow. Being in touch with yourself somehow allows you to be more open with others. I’m only 21 but based on my experience, if you want something bad enough.. do nothing.. but give everything. If that makes sense.

I guess it’s a coincidence that we both happen to be Scorpios. But, you pretty much nailed it. Some people spend a lot of time over thinking and they lose their overall goal. If you can focus more on what you find imperative and less of what you desire.. then you can truly find what you have been looking for… without using GPS. ;o)

Compliments of one of my readers, Duhhebadd.

I went to sleep with that whole comment section on my mind.
Matter a fact, I woke up and they were still there.
The message was clear, but still in a Rubik Cube my mind was turning.
Just like the Wolf code I was trying to crack.

Take a walk in my past to see what I found out about myself…

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Invisible Foxes and Wolves


You just never know who is tuning in to you.

My blog is all over the place.
It is on different sites and word of mouth has definitely helped.
But I always wondered who is actually reading me in cyber land?
Those with a blog know what I’m talking about…

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Thoughts Over Chinese Takeout

It has been one of those weeks.
Hell – one of those months.

I decided to turn my Foxberry off and cut myself from the world.
Friends, Family, and Potential Wolves – I’m on a mental vaca.
Sorry for the short notice.
I’m somewhere on South Beach mentally.
I may just be back in a week… maybe not.

Sometimes you need to step away from your current situation
and give yourself time to re-charge.

So on my first official day of vaca,
I ordered my usual (H10: General Tso’s Shrimp w. White Rice)
+ add my favorite white wine……..

… & I’m gooooooood.

But… a couple random type thoughtz are going thru my head.
Wanna hear?
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Shout Out Time.

I want to give a special Foxy shout out too…

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