The Best Spot On Earth

persons-0007_large“i love my readers.
they so smart n shit…”

i keep on saying this in my head often.
i swear i do…

i have the best readers on the internet.

you all make me so happy.
you guys are so smart and honest.
i’m glad this side of the forest doesn’t bring out the:

i appreciate what i read in the comments.
when we get into discussions type heavy,
its always a pleasure to read.
thank you.
thank you for all that you do and say.
i might not be making stupid numbers,
but i have the loyalty.
thats more important to me than instagram likes.
and listen…
anytime you tell me to do something,
i do it.
i may not talk about it,
but it gets done.
from how to handle the stress on my  job to future plans for the foxhole
i gets on it.
so don’t ever think i’m not.
i’m always open for change and constructive criticism.
i just like to talk about the outcome rather than the process.
thats where people get caught up.
okay okay okay.
enough of this mushy stuff.
tumblr_inline_nmew3zSA6p1stmszr_500i’m sorry!
moving on..

lowkey: these celebs and attentionistos need to come over here.
we let them know the real,
don’t we?

if they listened to us,
and not their “yes” stans,
they would be somewhere.
i’m just saying…

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “The Best Spot On Earth”

  1. aw Jamari, love you man! You have created a safe haven for many who are struggling (like myself) to express ourselves candidly. I love what you have created with this blog.
    It inspires me.
    this is the only blog (other than my own) that I bothered to make an account actually share my opinions. The commenters are really smart and are worth talking to, unlike most of the bs I see everywhere else.
    You have made a difference with this blog. Keep at it brother! It will manifest itself, you already have the following, just need things to fall into place!

    1. ^and this is what I appreciate d.
      thank you!
      im happy I have a place I can speak to people and be real.
      no judgment or talking down to each other.
      i love that i can bring people together and we can be real about issues that effect us.
      I feel blessed.

  2. I love my blogger. He always posting some interesting shit on his blog and eye candies are a real special treat.

  3. Aw damn it its this soppy shit that gets me right in the feels lol. Jamari I am sure we are all in agreement on how happy we are for a little spot to rant or feel like others can relate on the many struggles of just life in general not even just the gay agenda. And hearing your personal stories are always the best because it makes me feel like there is definitely a human on the other end of that screen who if he heard some of the bullshit I have dealt with or seen some of the mess he can at least sympathize and probably offer sound advice I can actually utilize. Dont you ever go away! If you plan to at least give a brother some warning lol 🙂

    1. ^thanks derek!
      naw the foxhole is here to stay!
      it’s about to be 7 years strong in May.
      we have all come a long way since I first introduced this site.
      it’s only going to get better!

  4. I’m really glad you made this space for us, this is my favorite blog not just for the stories but the interaction. And even though we never met in person I consider you a “friend in my head”. Nothing but love and respect.

    P.S. I’ve also been noticing a lot more of new foxes and wolves in the comment section. Just imagine all the ones that read but don’t comment I’m sure it’s in the thousands.

  5. I’m glad you appreciate your followers. @Jamari you have great insight on a lot of things and you help ppl as well. You give it out and you receive it back. 1 luv.. be blessed

  6. This is the only blog I log into on a daily basis, its very informative. I may not post every time but I was here in the past, here now in the present and will be in the foreseeable future! Bless!

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