Thoughts Over Chinese Takeout

It has been one of those weeks.
Hell – one of those months.

I decided to turn my Foxberry off and cut myself from the world.
Friends, Family, and Potential Wolves – I’m on a mental vaca.
Sorry for the short notice.
I’m somewhere on South Beach mentally.
I may just be back in a week… maybe not.

Sometimes you need to step away from your current situation
and give yourself time to re-charge.

So on my first official day of vaca,
I ordered my usual (H10: General Tso’s Shrimp w. White Rice)
+ add my favorite white wine……..

… & I’m gooooooood.

But… a couple random type thoughtz are going thru my head.
Wanna hear?

I hate when Wolves ask me why I hung up, didn’t call back,
or didn’t return a: text/email/yim/whatever.
You were preoccupied so I kept it steppin’.
When you aren’t busy – you know where I am.
I require FULL attention when I am in your presence.
Anything less and you get less of me.

I am seeing right thru my associates as of late.
I’m over them and that last incident sealed the deal.

I think I’m fallin out of lust with Devin Thomas.
After he blocked me on Twitter, I looked at him different.
I was a little add middle finger here but hey, whatever right?
I wanted to wish him the best with his recent departure from the Skins.
New Daddy to lust after is on the horizon.
I mean he is still sexy and I’ll probably feature some of his stuff on my blog.
True story: I don’t want to be associated
with nobody who doesn’t want me.

Fast Forward: I have been at my horniest.
I am really fiendin’ for some official.
Since I’m not a one night stand type of Fox,
this is kinda hard.
Maybe I need to let this one Wolf get inside the Foxhole….
I dunno yet.

I need more money.
Bills, bills, bills – and NOT the Destiny’s Child song.

I wonder who really reads my blog?
I wish I could see all the Foxes/Wolves who pay attention to me.

I feel stuck in my life for some reason.
I want a new career path to get into my career.
I want an adventure too because I am getting so bored…

Traveling starts in 2011.
I want to explore these states and other Foxholes.

I really wanted to see For Colored Girls…

I been having dreams of laying out on someone’s beach in Miami.

I want a tattoo but I’m scared.

I want a baller but – I am a ho to say I’d know how to play my position.
I like space and privacy so maybe that lifestyle would suit me just fine.
That is until….

This Chrisette Michelle mixtape goes HARD…

“True love will I ever know?
Too busy tryna get this Hollywood paycheck
Busy making payments on a Hollywood Maybach
I’m just a good Fox tryna stay laid back…”
– Chrisette, Aston Martin Music 2

My bad side is creepin’ up slowly so I might be doing some bad things.
Ya know… spice things up.
I’m getting bored and when I get bored, I get….

They could have added more spice to this shrimp…
I’m a tad disappointed.

I understood the word at church today.
He made A LOT of sense but this got me:
“Don’t admire others because you don’t know where how/what/where they went through to get to their anointing…”

With that being said,
I am my own superstar and I am going to be for my Wolves and Foxes.

….that is it for now.

If you have any random thoughts…
I’d love to pick your brain.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

51 thoughts on “Thoughts Over Chinese Takeout”

  1. Grabs u as u fall to the floor. Shoes off belt loosen jeans sliding down flips u over. Pushing ya head to the floor snatching off clothes grinding my stick

    1. You can’t fight off both of us…I gotchu from da front, dread from the back — you’re ‘stuck’ baby 😉

  2. Tell u a lil something….. B ah b ah how bout I kidnap u and take u back to the security office. Pressure pressure.

  3. YngBlkWolf :

    Go ahead, be thorough; I plan on doing some probing of my own afterwards anyway…

    Uh uh uh… I’m in charge. You both will follow my orders. *points to whip* Don’t make me have to hand out punishment.

    1. *cocks eyebrow* Oh really? As long as you can take whatever you dish out, cuz I WILL have my revenge…

  4. YngBlkWolf :

    Halo? *bangs on ground* That joint is a hubcap from a ’09 Benz w/some sparkly added…who you think you foolin? ;-)

    LOL See how you gon’ call me out like that? Infront of company, no less?

  5. Ok but aren’t u that anyway lol. Jus saying u wanna have all the wolves passing by staring while u think bad things lol.

    1. LOL… I am a good boy. See —-> *points to halo*

      I never do bad things.

      …and that is why they stare alot because I am already eye and thought fuckin’ all at the same time. Multi tasker style lol

      1. Halo? *bangs on ground* That joint is a hubcap from a ’09 Benz w/some sparkly added…who you think you foolin? 😉

  6. Bruh bruh. U need this break don’t think bout what’s going to happen relax chill. What I’m saying do something u haven’t done in awhile that makes u feel free. For me I went out Saturday night WASTED. Got home at 5 am have to be at work by 6am no sleep. My mind free not thinking while at work. Have a brain fart lol release the tensions. Be easy bruh

    1. And that is the kind of adventure I’m talking about. Going out and getting wasted and then coming home and have to be at work in like an hour or two. I want to do something spontaneous. I feel like I’m getting stuck in a rut and I am getting bored because of it.

      Thank you for the love @DaDon ….

        1. I am enjoying my mental vaca, as I like to call it. No contact for the allotted time I choose to be away.

          Makes for me to be a bad bad boy with no explanation.

  7. You gotta do you babe. Can’t be w/anyone else – or even recognize your future Wof – w/out knowing who/where you are…

    Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t…*shrug*

    If you do decide to be bad, try not to hurt em too much – they aint ready for all that yet 😉

    Sometimes we get too busy to hear God talking to us…sit still & listen.

  8. I had me one of those vaca’s not to long ago ^_^ An EXTREMELY important investment in one’s time lol

    1. I started Friday and I can honestly say I am feeling great to just be in my own world. I needed to do this for quite some time. I had to go thru some bullshit to finally say, “you know what….”

  9. Yeah don’t stay away too long! You are needed by some admired by others and your blog definately is worth reading! Peace

    1. I’ll still be blogging baby.
      I’m just taking a break away from my real life and doing some soul searching.
      I cannot neglect my Foxes and Wolves!

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