The Wrong Meat To Bite In

i don’t eat chinese food as i once did.
i use to eat it almost every day.
after i got food poisoning,
i was done with it.
it only takes me getting sick af one time for me to be done.
well this one wolf in chicago got a surprise in his chinese food.
you’ll never guess what he bit into via dna info…
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Thoughts Over Chinese Takeout

It has been one of those weeks.
Hell – one of those months.

I decided to turn my Foxberry off and cut myself from the world.
Friends, Family, and Potential Wolves – I’m on a mental vaca.
Sorry for the short notice.
I’m somewhere on South Beach mentally.
I may just be back in a week… maybe not.

Sometimes you need to step away from your current situation
and give yourself time to re-charge.

So on my first official day of vaca,
I ordered my usual (H10: General Tso’s Shrimp w. White Rice)
+ add my favorite white wine……..

… & I’m gooooooood.

But… a couple random type thoughtz are going thru my head.
Wanna hear?
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