The Wrong Meat To Bite In

i don’t eat chinese food as i once did.
i use to eat it almost every day.
after i got food poisoning,
i was done with it.
it only takes me getting sick af one time for me to be done.
well this one wolf in chicago got a surprise in his chinese food.
you’ll never guess what he bit into via dna info…

A Kenwood man claims he bit into a baby rat in his egg fu yung at Fung’s Chop Suey in Kenwood and then got food poisoning so bad he ended up in the hospital.

Now Kevin Bradley, 35, is threatening to sue. He filed a complaint with the city’s Department of Public Health and hired a lawyer.

Bradley said he went to Fung’s Chop Suey, 1400 E. 47th St., for the first time on June 5 and during his first few bites of his meal he bit down on a rat tail.

“I took a bite and I felt this crunch and thought I had broken my tooth,” Bailey said Wednesday. “I started pulling at it and found a rat’s tail.”

He said he pulled out a chunk of cooked meat from his egg fu yung that he said was a baby rat.

Bradley is now seeking payment from the restaurant for the resulting food poisoning that landed him in Provident Hospital, 500 E. 51st S
“We want to work this out with the restaurant so this never happens again,” said Nick Kreitman, Bradley’s attorney.

Bradley has filed a complaint with the Department of Public Health, which found no evidence of rats or vermin during a June 12 inspection in response to the complaint.

The owner of the restaurant, Yu Ying Chen, declined to comment when reached by phone Wednesday.

Photos provided by Bradley’s attorney appear to show some sort of small animal, though it’s not entirely obvious what it was because it clearly has been cooked.

Bradley said he took the order up to the counter to complain, but snapped a photo before the clerk refunded him his $8.27. He said he thought that would be the end of it — until he woke up in the middle of the night.

He said he woke up at 2 a.m. June 6 with intense vomiting and diarrhea.

“It felt like someone was stabbing me in my stomach,” Bradley said.

By June 8, the illness had not passed and Bradley said it was so bad he had to go to the hospital.

Medical records provided by Kreitman show Bradley was prescribed the equivalent of Pepcid at Provident’s emergency room.

“I haven’t eaten any meat since then, only pasta,” Bradley said.

Kreitman said Bradley has not yet filed suit and is in negotiations with the restaurant to pay for his medical expenses and compensation for the distress he experienced.

i would have lost my entire mind.
i’d own that restaurant after that lawsuit.
i’m also mad the hospital gave him antacids.
he should sue them too.

this is why i’m really into cooking my own food.
i’ve been reading/seeing/hearing so many horror stories nowadays.
even with “a” rating,
the workers could still be dirty.
from the upper class of restaurants,
to your favorite hood spot,
you just never know.
i legit lost my appetite reading that story.

lowkey: do a thorough scan your tv dinners as well.
you never know.

story cc: dna info

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “The Wrong Meat To Bite In”

  1. Oh my gosh I wanted to throw up reading this, he definitely should get a huge settlement with this…. I’m such a terrible cook, but I guess I need to learn how to cook.

  2. This man is being ultra nice & f*ckin considerate because baaaaaaaby… I wouldn’t be “pondering” the thought of lawsuit. I would have already ignited litigation. This is an open & shut case. I don’t want back by $8 and change. You people are going to pay me $8.1mil. If you’ve EVER experienced food poisoning, it is the worst feeling any human being can suffer. I promise, you’ll bed God to just let you die instead. It’s miserable.

  3. Ewwww nasty af

    I’m with you on the more home cooking thing especially since I’m trying to gain weight and get back in the gym.

    I used to be friends with this girl who’s first job was at Olive Garden, and she told me whenever they had a really rude customer they would spit in their drinks and mix it up. I thought for sure she was joking but she didn’t laughs or smile when she said it 🤢🤢🤢

  4. “I haven’t eaten any meat since then, only pasta,” Bradley said.”

    Bradley gonna get sick again.

  5. I don’t eat Chinese Food…I’m not a vegetarian either. I simply cook my own food such as lamb or turkey. I don’t see anything wrong with eating meat, hell, you die in the wilderness, something is gonna eat you, so whatever.

    I’m super picky about where I eat and I rarely eat out unless with friends every blue moon.

    Folks might think they eating chicken at a Chinese restaurant and it be rat. If this was me….I would have lit that bitch up and sued them out of business.

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