Karrueche Tran Gets A 5 Year Vacation

karrueche tran has come a long way since dating chris brown.
she won a daytime emmy,
has been in a few movies,
and is on a new show on tnt called “claws” with niecy nash.
she successfully moved on from that toxic relationship.
as you know,
she filed a restraining order against chris.
she ended up winning her case today.
this is what tmz had to say…

Chris Brown threatened violence against his ex-GF after they broke up, demanding she give back money and gifts he had given her during their relationship … this according to Karrueche Tran’s in-person testimony in court.

Karrueche took the stand Thursday in her restraining order case against Chris, telling a judge after she broke up with the singer … he demanded diamond rings he bought for her to be returned. When she refused … Karrueche says Chris became aggressive

Karrueche explained that in text messages between herself and Chris post-breakup, he would say things like “I’m not being nice to you no more, if I see you out in public again and I’m there I will make you hate me even more, don’t be anywhere I’m out in public, I’m going to ban you from all events.”

She claims he also texted her more violent threats like … “I can get my money back and I’m tired of playing games” as well as “Bitch I will beat the s**t out of you” and “I promise you I will make your life hell.” She says he also once wrote “Imma kill blood” under a photo of her and actor Michael B. Jordan.

Karrueche also testified that Chris had beaten her before.

Chris Brown’s attorney, David Gammill, grilled Karrueche on cross-examination, and pressed her on allegedly taunting Chris about the rings by saying she had sold them. Karrueche told Gammill she never planned to return the rings because they were hers. Gammill also brought up the point of Karrueche never reporting any of the alleged behavior to authorities.

Karrueche insists she fears for her safety and needs permanent protection. Chris wasn’t in court today and the judge refused to let him join the hearing via phone. 

The judge just sided with Tranordering the restraining order stay in place for the next 5 years.

it’s ironic that rihanna and karrueche had the same statements.
i do feel he is more in love with karrueche tho.
i don’t think he likes black vixens like that.
he legit has allegedly said he was gonna beat them both up tho.
that is bold af and in alleged text messages of all things.
i guess he thought she would never leave him.
he learned she wasn’t the dumb bitch he thought she may have been.

karrueche is harmless tho.
i’m getting into her now she is forming her own identity.
the vixen just wants to move on and make something of herself.
you can’t fault her for that.

lowkey: after all this:

Who will really date Chris Brown on a serious level?

is getting the dick worth all the potential stress?
even fuckin him consistently,
with no strings attached,
might invoke that demon. 

article: tmz

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Karrueche Tran Gets A 5 Year Vacation

  1. He’ll find someone dumb enough to get caught up in his celebrity and forget about his treatment of women, and his bipolar condition…until it’s too late!

  2. Hopefully she will be safe,he admitted in that video a few months ago that he will stalk an ex.Also many people with restraining orders have been attacked by their abusers,a restraining order is just a piece a paper.I guess she has bodyguards.Interesting tidbit about him writing on that picture of Michael B.Jordan,I thought I had seen them hang out together before but maybe not.

    1. Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Digital Daytime Drama Series in 2016 and 2017.Apparently she was an actress and a producer on the online series “The Bay”.

  3. trust me he’ll find somebody he’s a moderately attractive bad boy light skinned type dude w/ a nice penis, he’s probably got somebody on call right now & his fans will definitely not care anyways they ready to defend him now.

    On to Karrueche I am proud of her for moving on and making a name for herself.

  4. Umma go out on a limb and am prepared to be there ally by myself… It’s NOT ALL Chris Brown, same as it wasn’t all Chad Johnson.

    Victimization is the female “race card.” I by no means am defending him, because threatening or prosecuting violence crosses the line. I stopped being infatuated with females years ago.

  5. You gotta be a maniac to get slapped with a 5 year restraining order AFTER your probation has been dropped. When are folks going to stop sweeping shit under the rug? This man is not okay. He is a sociopath with a chemical imbalance. One minute he’s good and the next he’s back to his fuckboism. It’s an endless cycle.

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