I Just Wanted To Do Hoodrat Shit With My Friends (75)

these are the moments where i wish i owned a car in new yawk.
so this is the story foxhole.
drunk snow hyena decides he wants to pee.
just guess where he decides to take a piss

he isn’t even holding his shit.
what the entire fuck?
if he whipped around and his piss landed on that wolf next to him


this is why you always gotta be paying attention on the damn mta.
wild shit like ^that.

4 thoughts on “I Just Wanted To Do Hoodrat Shit With My Friends (75)

  1. Jus woooow…this reminds me of my freshman year at college at predom Pilgrim school and one weekend nite a bunch of us were hanging out in the hallway and this WB known to be drunk/high all the time slowly walks out his room past the bathrooms to the closed door of anotha dorm room, whipped out his shit, and str8 pissed all on the door which one of its occupants was the only other black dude on my hall – who ended up being gay and he was pissed a/f I remember….then WB walked back to his room and we jus all bust out laughing, except me cause I would’ve beat that ass if it was my door….almost beat the time I found a turd in the shower stall and forever changed my shower habits…to this day I HAVE to wear shower shoes even in my OWN shower, even after thoroughly cleaning it….this is called post-traumatic WB dorm syndrome.

  2. That’s crazy man. That’s the thing about the train and bus, public transportation means even that drunk dude gets to ride. Drunk bastard. I dislike people that don’t know their limit. Where’s the people that care about hime enough to get him home safely and then get in his ass the next day to tell him to be responsible? Dude is lucky he made it home that night.

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