So That’s What 1,000+ Slippers Look Like

i always thought of usher having tremendous “wolf swagg”.
remember he was the one who started that “blazer with jeans” trend.
this video:

they don’t make music like that anymore.
well usher has been more laid back with his “wolf swagg”.
he decided to walk through new yawk in his house slippers.
his house slippers.
his 1,000+ house slippers.
take a look..

Usher’s comfort carries a hefty price tag.

The crooner stepped out in New York this week wearing Fendi slippers that retail for a whopping $1,450. But bargain hunters will be relieved to know that the black sheepskin footwear is currently on sale for $725.

The furry house shoes, which each feature a different funky design, are leather-lined and feature heels made from soft deer hide that can be folded up.

Usher paired his expensive slippers with a pair of drawstring pants, a crewneck T-shirt and two gold necklaces during his walk through Tribeca.

i love his hair.
i really need to find a good colorist.
i’ve seen a couple wolves rocking that look.
i’m getting bored with my hair right now.

male fashion is all about comfort nowadays.
i’d actually wear that look.
a pair of “fancy” sweats as i call them,
a nice t,

you’re all set.
i don’t know if i’m spending a rack on some house slippers,

I’d pay for some Yeezys

if you’re interested in the fendi slippers:


i’d love to see you in them.

article cc: new york post

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “So That’s What 1,000+ Slippers Look Like

  1. “…he was the one who started that “blazer with jeans” trend” — Class of ’89, voted Best Dressed. This is OLD swag, LOL. I feel you tho.

  2. I like his hair too. I’m too afraid to get a color change. It’ll be just my luck, my hair falls completely out. Lol.

  3. Those slippers are interesting not my taste but whatever

    I’m a need to see his hair in some better pics it looks two tone and idk if I like it.

  4. Damn, Ursh has gotten fine as hell in his old age. I think he is better looking and sexier now than when he was younger.

  5. I like Usher. Not the shoes though. I don’t think I’d color my hair. I don’t know how safe all that is.

  6. Sometimes, I dislike the hair and other times, it doesn’t look so bad. I think he’s really happy and comfortable with his life/status at the moment because he’s always smiling and looks great (semi-man boobs and all, lmao).

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