“When I’m With U, All I Get Is Wild Wild Wild (Thoughts)”

^that looks like a picture.
so rihanna has done it again.
you know dj khaled been begging her to appear on a track.
well she took time from being an actress,
fashion designer,
and all around winner to help out.
bryson tiller joined her also.
the song is called “wild thoughts” from khaled’s new album,
this is what they did

i love the “maria, maria” sample.
i use to love that track.
rihanna looks good af.

she really knows how to command the screen.
i really digging bryson’s verse tho.
that was the first time i actually dug something he did.
you know he is all about “fuck boi soul”.
i’m trying to tell if i think he is cute or not.

either way,
this song is a little bop.
i been listening to it all morning.
i feel it needed more with the instruments.
it usually takes me a while to get into khaled tracks.
i did not like “shining” with b and jay until recently.
i can see this being a grower for this summer.
“grateful” hits stores on june 23rd.

lowkey: this is a real big feature for bryson tho.
is this summer the return of “latin pop” beats?

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Author: jamari fox

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6 thoughts on ““When I’m With U, All I Get Is Wild Wild Wild (Thoughts)””

  1. I like it. I think J Cole would’ve been better suited for the rap verse. I can hear him in my head on that part.

    One thing we could’ve done without is DJ Khaled all over the track. Yeah, we know you’re the producer but when he yells “DJ Khaled” it is annoying as fuck on his songs. Or maybe it’s just me.

    He didn’t need to be in the video either. It takes away from the visuals watching his corny ass up in it. Both his voice and Funkmaster Flex’s irritate me so much. LOL

    1. He is WORSE than Puffy in the 90’s. As far as I’m concerned, he’s another cultural colonizer. Where them Palestinian sounds at? Pimp out your own culture.

  2. It’ll def grow on me two weeks from now I’ll know all the lyrics lol

    P.S. I feel you on every word with Bryson , “Fuck boy soul” fits him to a T and is a word you should add to your growing foxtionary list

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