They Hurt Jada Pinkett-Smith Deep With This Tupac Movie

the relationship between jada pinkett-smith and tupac seems like it was so beautiful.
every time she speaks about it,
you can tell they had a special bond.
i was waiting to hear jada’s opinion about the new tupac movie,
“all eyez on me”.
she was “deeply hurt” by the portrayal and this is what she said on twitter

i can imagine she cried watching it.
hell she couldn’t even speak about it much here:

they say you only get one of “those” in your lifetime.
it could be a relationship or even a friendship.
mine was a platonic friendship with star fox,
just as i feel jada’s was with tupac.
it’s just that bond with another that connects you on a spiritual level.
if you haven’t had one of those yet,
you will soon enough.

it’s crazy the directors of “all eyez on me”,
lt hutton and benny boom,
called john singleton out for trying to “revamp” tupac’s life:

…and they allegedly did the same.
i’m hearing the movie isn’t good.
it is getting roasted by critics.
i feel his story needs various parts/phases.
you can’t tell his whole life in just one movie.
it’s a shame they got tupac out here looking crazy.

lowkey: tupac was kinda fine tho…

i wonder what he would have been like if he was still alive?

Author: jamari fox

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11 thoughts on “They Hurt Jada Pinkett-Smith Deep With This Tupac Movie”

  1. Also I can get how this can hurt her. However ALL biopics lie and exaggerate the truth to sell more and tie the story together better. The famous scene on What’s Love Got To Do With It where Ike says “Eat the cake Anna” didn’t even happen in real life. It’s based off of an event in real life where Tina alleges Ike made her eat an whole “13 in cake in front of him and threatened to beat her if she didn’t.
    However I DONT think they should’ve added Jada as a character because we know VERY lil about their relationship and I think it was purposely done on her part for us to know very lil on their relationship. It’s no way you can write a correct story line off of us just knowing they went to school together, she visited him in jail, he guest starred on her TV show, and they took pics together. We know they were close because of the passion in the pics we have of them and the LITTLE that Jada and PAC have said, but we don’t know any of their stories together. So if I was Benny B I wouldn’t have included her in as a character.

      1. She has always maintained that their friendship was never sexual, that it went deeper than that.

        It’s hard to lose someone you connect so well with, be it in a relationship or friendship. Haven’t had that in a relationship, but I definitely had it in a friendship. I miss him greatly.

        I always had a crush on Benny Boom. Wonder if he lives up to the name. I better ask Keyshia Cole. LOL

      2. ^yes!

        some of the strongest bonds you can have with another doesn’t have to involve sex.
        i don’t think people know what that kind of friendship is.
        i hate that i lost my own with no many questions i’ll probably never have answered.

  2. I Lille that she didn’t diss the actors but instead called out the maker of the movie. I love PAC and jada’s relationship it’s very rare to see a man and woman have a true platonic friendship like that

  3. I never like Biopic unless come from the family I mean look what happen to Aaliyah and Whitney
    any who is it me or does Benny Boom look like Monica husband Shannon Brown

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