(Welp) It Seems MTO Found Kenya Moore’s New Hubby

i love how kenya moore played this “wedding” move.
so many questions.
so she was allegedly dating this wolf,
but was also involved with matt jordan during that time?
she is good.
well mto did some digging and found the alleged hubby.
this is what they had to say

MediaTakeOut.com did some digging on Atlanta Housewife Kanye Moore’s new husband – and we got some details on him.First off, Kenya’s new hubby’s name is Marc Daly and he is the Owner of SoCoBK a trendy BROOKLYN NY restaurant. He used to own another restaurant in New York, but he and his partner had a falling out – and that’s where the CONTROVERSY about Marc comes in.
During the breakup of Marc’s former partnerships there were a lot of ACCUSATIONS being thrown at him – which we can’t repeat for now. But it suffices to say that there are some people who DO NOT think highly of Marc and his business practices.
Anyways – Marc is a former investment banker and would SHUT DOWN the back of his restaurant – so that Kenya could eat in peace.
They had a whirlwind romance and now he and Kenya are man and wife.
As MediaTakeOut.com reported, Kenya and Marc do NOT want to discuss their marriage on camera for the upcoming Housewives season.

if this is the alleged hubby:

he is looking like a real snack.
mto seems to have some dirt,
but for kenya’s sake,
let’s hope this wolf checks out clean.
i think she should leave that show.
she had a good run,
but if she really wants happiness and privacy,
she can’t do it on reality tv.
those she-hyenas will try in every way possible to destroy it.
i’m tired of the “gang up on kenya” storylines.

lowkey: i might need to check out this restaurant.

article cc: mto

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “(Welp) It Seems MTO Found Kenya Moore’s New Hubby”

  1. Kenya always plays the victim, but will be the first one stirring the pot for others!! Don’t be on a reality show if you are not going to share your life. A husband is a big part of someone’s life. Details are needed.

  2. One of his exes will be spilling the tea on him by next week.I guess they will have a long distance marriage if he is in NY and she has Moore Manor in ATL.Oh well…

  3. I hope that she finds the love that she’s looking for, but something tells me this ain’t gonna turn out well.
    She’ll be paying him alimony soon, since she more than likely makes more than him. She should’ve had a chat with MJB before doing this, pre-nup be damned!!

    Bro about to get paid…and more than likely try to capitalize on her “fame”. Can we say Peter and Cynthia 2.0?! She’ll be forking over money for HIS investments/business ventures. If she does that she’d better have a chat with his former business partner and co-workers.

  4. PLEEEEEEZE, now we all know that Kenya done went and paid this fine young dude to be her PLAY-PLAY hubby!!!!!!

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