Fuk Da Police: How America Pisses On Our Legs and Claims Rain

absolutely sickens me.
so the officer who killed philando castile walks free.
he gets to go home and start over while a family gets no justice.
nbc news has more on the verdict…

A jury has acquitted a Minnesota police officer in the shooting death of a black man outside St. Paul last year, putting to end a tragic saga that began with a routine traffic stop.

St. Anthony police officer Jeronimo Yanez was charged in the July 2016 shooting of school cafeteria worker Philando Castile, igniting protests and a call to action by civil rights activists nationwide against the deadly use of force by police.

After five days and more than 25 hours of deliberation, a jury decided that the state did not meet its burden for a conviction. Yanez would have faced up to 10 years under Minnesota law if he had been convicted.

Yanez had been charged with manslaughter and reckless discharge of a firearm for fatally shooting Castile, 32, in his car while Castile’s girlfriend and her 4-year-old daughter were sitting in the vehicle just outside St. Paul, Minnesota.

The jury that determined Yanez’s fate consisted of seven men and five women. Two jurors were black and the rest were white.

Castile’s family held each other and wept in disappointment as they left the courtroom on Friday.

“The system continues to fail black people,” said Castile’s mother, Valerie, following the verdict. “My son loved this city and this city killed my son and let the murderer get away,” she said with high emotion.

Castile’s girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds, who was a key witness for the prosecution said she was “incredibly disappointed” with the jury’s decision. “It is a sad state of affairs when this type of criminal conduct is condoned simply because Yanez is a policeman,” she said in a statement. “God help America,” she said.

Despite the acquittal, Yanez will not be returning to “active duty” said the city of St. Anthony in a statement following the verdict. “The public will be best served if Officer Yanez is no longer a police officer in our city,” the statement said. The city added that it was negotiating a voluntary separation agreement that would help Yanez transition into another career.

ya know,
i have no words anymore.
we shouldn’t be shocked at these verdicts.
this is just how it is.
we are killed in the street like animals and there is no justice.
this was broadcasted on facebook live.
millions saw it.
it still allows a cold blooded killer jackal to get off with no punishment.
AND gonna help him transition into another career.
i hope he doesn’t get a moment of peace.
this country and it’s laws is a joke.
now i see what tupac was talking about in his music.

lowkey: one more…

article taken: nbc news

Author: jamari fox

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11 thoughts on “Fuk Da Police: How America Pisses On Our Legs and Claims Rain

  1. Negotiate a separation agreement that will help Officer Yanez transition into another career?! Are they fuckin’ serious?!
    Even with police being required to wear bodycams now, I believe a lot of this foolishness will continue. ESPECIALLY in the Trump presidency…and I use that word lightly!!

    1. ^that is the part that disgusted me the most.
      this ruined my night.
      we are all targets at any given moment.

      this tweet was very telling:

      “The cop who killed Philando Castile (and got away with it) is Latino, which proves white supremacy uses all races to exact its will on us.” – @Russian_Starr

  2. I read a comment on Instagram that said”The system DID NOT fail because the system was not created to protect us.😦

  3. This breaks my heart. Especially when in the same news feed I read about the girl who is convicted of manslaughter for simply sending text messages telling her boyfriend to kill himself. It seems as if the justice system does not work the same for African Americans.

  4. I have no words. This man was completely innocent and was killed for being a black man. Seeing him there literally losing his life while that idiot was acting erratic was one of the most horrific things I´ve seen. It stands out more to me because his girlfriend and a little girl were also in the car and they also had to just sit there and watch him die. I cant even imagine the nightmares they are going to and have been suffering from this. The man was a good man and deserves justice. I don´t care if hes latino, white, etc. who killed him, it doesnt fcking matter, this should have never happened PERIOD. These monsters can´t be allowed to get away with this. He KILLED an innocent man that proved absolutely NO threat. How can that be justified? This is disgusting.

    How can these people even open their mouths to claim black men are violent and monsters when they commit the same heinous crimes. Im not just talking about white people when I say that, that goes for ALL NON-blacks. I’m so done with people.

  5. These are scary times man.

    But black people are expected to “take the high road” when officers get killed?!

    This is psychological violence against us as a whole.

    Right after I read the verdict a police car pulled up along side me and I felt so uneasy. Then I was pissed at myself for feeling uneasy.

    I don’t want to hear shit about allies either! We don’t have any!!!

    I don’t trust hispanics either!

  6. All of this professional outrage by the “woke” community is predictable and shiftless. Meanwhile, Black men are murdering other Black men in a city near you and no one seems to give a damn. Why must a white man’s involvement be the prerequisite for our lives to “matter?”

    1. A cop killed a civilian @bllackpegasus.

      A cop killed a civilian in cold blood. The world saw it unfold and he got off and is getting a tidy package.

      I dunno…Does that not register with you like everyone else?

      A cop killed a civilian.

    2. I pray that you never come across an ignorant or racist cop that feels you are a threat and shoots you.

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