Keith Powers Serves The Bisexuals A Cup of “Sorry”

in my heart,
i feel like keith powers is a genuine wolf.
he is very harmless compared to others.
you know “the others”.
well remember that scandal he had with the comments he made about the male bisexuals?
( x read it here )
well he realized the error in his ways this morning.
this is what he fonted on twitter

like i said in the last entry,
he didn’t diss the community in a vulgar way.
he didn’t understand how male bisexuality works.
that wasn’t the platform to really school him either.
i don’t understand half the shit the straights do.
i’m also ignorant to certain things as well.

in my honest opinion,
the community needs to stop getting offended over every little thing.
we are supposed to be more “thick skinned” than this.
it’s almost like no one can say anything,
yet we always have the most to say about others.
we do.
there are certain things we should grab pitchforks for.
most definitely.
other shit is a complete waste of energy.

i’m glad keith took the time to see the error in his ways.
not every straight would do that.
i’ll continue to allow him.

9 thoughts on “Keith Powers Serves The Bisexuals A Cup of “Sorry”

  1. Good to see he’s trying to understand something he didn’t before and apologized for it. That is very big of him because he didn’t have to do it.

    1. Homosexuality does not exist.

      End of Story

      Obviously I am not serious but there are many people who believe that.
      Their opinion is not your reality.
      Your opinion is not a bisexual person’s reality.

      Just because you believe something doesn’t make it true or a fact.

      1. Thank you, Y Volette.

        Too many times people center themselves in everything, which allows them to perform erasure of those who aren’t like them or in their ‘tribe’ so to speak.

        Some people think that gay people don’t exist. Does that mean it’s a fact? Absolutely not. Some people think that biracial people don’t exist. Is that a fact? Absolutely not.

        I’m actually dismayed, but perhaps I shouldn’t be, when I see how problematic some gay black men are.

  2. He made an ignorant (lack of knowledge) comment and he apologized.It wasn’t malicious.If female bisexuality exists then so does male bisexuality.

    Yesterday I heard a lady say that homosexuality doesn’t exist in her country.I said,”Where are you from? She said,” Senegal”.I said I am sure there are some homosexuals in Senegal, She said, “No we don’t believe in that.”😦 I was at the grocery store and didn’t have time to debate with her that homosexuality exists all over the world but obviously in countries where it is criminalized people are not going to be open about it.

      1. Even then they are ignorant, J. They will say that it’s a phase, etc.
        I have several members on both sides of my family who are gay/bi. They get talked about.
        I have one aunt whose two grandsons are gay, and she just acts so nasty towards them. Says they’re acting foolish, against God’s will, etc. I said Auntie, remember the bible is full of sinners and saints.

        And that is why I keep my business my own. I don’t have the time/energy to argue with fools.

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