every time i think of someone random,
you know i get an answer rather quickly.
no cap,
the other day i asked myself:

I wonder what’s going on with Keith Powers and Ryan Destiny?

they are were one of my favorite of the young straight couples.
 i got my answer today cause…


silence is where your answers are.

when i have no direction,
The Universe literally takes the wheel for me.
I believe.

so i was laying in the dark earlier.
i’ve been fighting something trying to bring me down all day.
i had a nightmare last night that kick-started the bs.
on the positive,
i was randomly scrolling fandango and found 1 ticket for “endgame” later.
i should be happy about that,
but i wasn’t.
i made the mistake of scrolling through the big set up that is social media.
where everyone looks so perfect,
skin is poppin’,
outfits are red carpet ready.
here i was:
a slight food baby,
little gassy,
nd breaking out on my chin.
i’m probably over exaggerating with how i feel inside.
i don’t feel sexy,
a list,
or even wanted today.
so i randomly found myself on keith powers page.
he was in my explorer page.
i saw he posted a video with this caption:

this is the video

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Keith Powers Serves Up An Apology Video For Lunch

keith powers took to his ig story to further apologize.
this is an update to the earlier entry this morning…
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Keith Powers Serves The Bisexuals A Cup of “Sorry”

in my heart,
i feel like keith powers is a genuine wolf.
he is very harmless compared to others.
you know “the others”.
well remember that scandal he had with the comments he made about the male bisexuals?
( x read it here )
well he realized the error in his ways this morning.
this is what he fonted on twitter
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Keith Powers Thinks You’re Either Gay or Straight, No Bisexual

i love keith powers.
i think he is talented,
and is the few who promotes his love for black vixens.
keith may have fucked up with the bisexuals tho.
the males.
he had an interview with the “hollywood unlocked” crew a few days ago.
they asked him about if he heard any gay rumors surrounding him.
he said this
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Keith Powers Woke Me Up

i’m going through it today foxhole.
i’m exhausted.
i took 10mg of melatonin last night and it has me washed.
well ^that wolf woke me up a little.
his name is keith powers.
he starred as “ronnie” in bet’s “new edition movie”.
well he posted this video in atlanta today and i felt it…
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