silence is where your answers are.

when i have no direction,
The Universe literally takes the wheel for me.
I believe.

so i was laying in the dark earlier.
i’ve been fighting something trying to bring me down all day.
i had a nightmare last night that kick-started the bs.
on the positive,
i was randomly scrolling fandango and found 1 ticket for “endgame” later.
i should be happy about that,
but i wasn’t.
i made the mistake of scrolling through the big set up that is social media.
where everyone looks so perfect,
skin is poppin’,
outfits are red carpet ready.
here i was:
a slight food baby,
little gassy,
nd breaking out on my chin.
i’m probably over exaggerating with how i feel inside.
i don’t feel sexy,
a list,
or even wanted today.
so i randomly found myself on keith powers page.
he was in my explorer page.
i saw he posted a video with this caption:

this is the video

The Universe legit guided me to that.
i needed to see that.
someone(s) in that foxhole needed to see that.
silence is truly where we hear what we need to hear.
once you can shut off our brains,
turn off our phones,
and just focus,
you can be led to something that will change your entire mood.
i’m hope this was able to help someone who is reading or lurking.
thank you,

lowkey: bonus…

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “silence is where your answers are.”

  1. We are just dots on a big ass ball moving fast as fuck through the universe. It’s so much bigger than us. Those brothas get it. I love inspirational Black men!

    BTW Keith’s Virgo ass is so freaking sexy. Will can get it too with those moles.

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