so i watched “avengers: end game” this morning and well…

i’m typing this from beyond the grave.

I became a ghost at 5 something in the morning

that’s when i lost my shit.
i went and saw “avengers: end game” last night.
and this contains potential spoilers


like i fonted yesterday,
i was randomly looking through fandango and saw one last ticket for 2:30am.
it was also in imax with the nice seats too.
that was when i took one long ass nap to help me stay up all night.
when i got to the theater,
the shit was packed

even though the two seats to my left,
and the one to my right were all empty.
folks was in costumes like they was at “comic con”.
i knew it was going to be a whole situation.


i’ll admit the first half and hour sorta dragged a little,
but the rest of the movie was amazing.
i don’t want to give away spoilers,
but when captain america was able to hold mjolnir,
and use it’s power to the full advantagei was harder than a brick wall.
when all the avengers came back,
and every one was there for final battle with thanos,
you could have gotten me pregnant at that very moment.
i’ve never been so horny in my entire life.
something about heroic shit really puts a saddle on my back.

even though he is an asshole,
thanos was a very fleshed out villain.
dare i say,
i felt sorry for him in the beginning.
he was on his little planet,
preparing his quinoa salad,
and trying to live out his years in his retirement bag.
i hated him for what he did,
but i still liked him for whatever reason.

sidebar: i missed thor’s massive meat this movie…

i always looked forward to those biceps..

either way,
i hope the foxhole was able to watch the movie this weekend.
for those who did…


low-key: for the two avengers they killed off.
i cried for both.
the one at the end,
more so.
i’m sure they’ll bring back the one at the middle in a future movie.

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16 thoughts on “so i watched “avengers: end game” this morning and well…”

  1. Captain Marvel aka Brie Larson was annoying af! Ole Mary Sue bitch! Had her flying in to save Tony and Nebula. Then flying in to destroy Thanos’ ship. πŸ™

    Thanos was just misunderstood. He meant well.

  2. BORINGGGGGGGGGG…Until the last 30-45 mins. 3 hours was definitely not needed for this movie!

    1. I kinda concur… Plus the ending with Captain America did not make sense based on their own rules the set up. The last battle was epic tho.

    2. Thank you the way people hype that movie up me and I friends were falling asleep! I still think Shazam was the best movie to me this year! I say that because if I don’t nod off or fall asleep on a movie it is good to me

  3. My bf likes that Marvel shit. I literally cannot stand these movies. I don’t know who’s to blame but ever since these types of movies have been made, the opportunity for more original films have pretty much been reduced to remakes of old movies & nothing else. You know movies like Gravity, Inside Out, The Matrix, or Arrival. Original & creative stuff.😁

    While I don’t mind a few movies here & there, this obsession with these imaginary characters is insane. I be listening to my hubby go on and on & be like chi… If you don’t sit yo overgrown butt down somewhere talking to me about some X-Factor…I’mma X you factor you keep on…😎

    He tried to get me to go see that shit & I was like, when I tried to get you to see some real sci-fi like Annihilation, you got ghost but you expect me to sit & watch a bunch of grown people fly around for 3 hours in tights fighting a dried up ass cosmic raisin wearing Michael Jackson’s Thriller glove? I think not.

    I know some of you are calling me a Fox-bitch right now. πŸ˜‚

    I’m sorta kidding. While I don’t like most of these movies. The only ones I do like are Iron Man, Doctor Strange, and Black Panther to an extent (I mostly like the fashion and just Angela Bassett).

    Anyways, glad you enjoyed the movie. One of my favorite “superheroes” recently did terrible at the box office. Poor thing. To be fair, the movie was a mess.

  4. I saw after work a like 5 am Friday morning, it was worth it in every way. That final fight scene was epic, I left that movie pumped with all these thoughts.

  5. This is the line up for the next films being produced and released and most filming in Atlanta. We got a busy year in Atlanta for filming Marvel productions in Atlanta. Also alot of other productions filming here. I’m most excited about the new Black Panther Film about to go into production this year.

    Spiderman Far From Home (Filming already wrapped)

    Black Widow (Prequel) (Filming start in June in Atlanta

    The Eternals (Filming start in August in Atlanta)

    Doctor Strange II (TBA)

    Black Panther II (Filming starts end of year in Atlanta)

    Shang-chi (TBA)

    Guardians of the Galaxy III (TBA)

  6. Im confused how gabora got to come back but not the white girl!!!

    Also there’s a new power/popular gay couple zed and ray. They have a YouTube channel and ig pages. Can you give us your thoughts on another post

  7. Brah, when A-force happened! 🀩 scarlet witch 1v1 Thanos! Valkyrie and her pegasus.

      1. I had to nom ho yo rang gae coo to not fan out πŸ€¦πŸΏβ€β™‚οΈπŸ˜‚πŸ€£ such a nerd. Cant wait to rewatch that fight scene when it’s on Netflix/blueray.

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