silence is where your answers are.

when i have no direction,
The Universe literally takes the wheel for me.
I believe.

so i was laying in the dark earlier.
i’ve been fighting something trying to bring me down all day.
i had a nightmare last night that kick-started the bs.
on the positive,
i was randomly scrolling fandango and found 1 ticket for “endgame” later.
i should be happy about that,
but i wasn’t.
i made the mistake of scrolling through the big set up that is social media.
where everyone looks so perfect,
skin is poppin’,
outfits are red carpet ready.
here i was:
a slight food baby,
little gassy,
nd breaking out on my chin.
i’m probably over exaggerating with how i feel inside.
i don’t feel sexy,
a list,
or even wanted today.
so i randomly found myself on keith powers page.
he was in my explorer page.
i saw he posted a video with this caption:

this is the video

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you’d think ja rule would get more love than that

i gotta font real quick…

Ja Rule has a beautiful jail bawdy

he hasn’t aged since ’99 either.
he has fallen off pretty hard like everyone else at “murder inc”.
ashanti might not be included.
he might have learned that at a recent bucks game for “90s” night
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