you’d think ja rule would get more love than that

i gotta font real quick…

Ja Rule has a beautiful jail bawdy

he hasn’t aged since ’99 either.
he has fallen off pretty hard like everyone else at “murder inc”.
ashanti might not be included.
he might have learned that at a recent bucks game for “90s” night

this is the full performance:

double eek.
ya know,
i use to be a huge fan of ja.
he was my “teenhood”.
i had all of his albums.
i remember when “murder inc” use to dominate the charts and 106/trl.
ashanti’s first album is pretty much a classic.
it’s a shame how far they’ve all fallen now.
50 definitely keeps his paws on their necks at all times.
ja and ashanti still get a bag with their throwback concerts.
they invoke great memories of when music was good.
i will still continue to look at ja too:

according to supahead,
his dick is long,
and he has a ton of energy.
she claimed they fucked for 5 days straight.


lowkey: maybe ashanti needed to be there?
they are a duo now…

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

19 thoughts on “you’d think ja rule would get more love than that”

      1. If he had jlo or Ashanti with him it would have been better! Him and Ashanti are a package and he must realized that

  1. He is known to white audiences for that scam festival. So I can’t see how he would get anything but s negative reaction. Is it me or did jail do a body good?

  2. Ja always had a nice body. Since he came home he keeps it regular in his home gym. He a d Aisha get their workout on. He still has ventures that participate in. He is still traveling around the world banging out the classics sans Ashanti at times. I follow them. I love me some JaRule. I would like to see more acting on his plate though. In a couple of those videos it looks like he has a phattie in the front and back.

  3. So, the Ja Rule thing is kind of two-fold. 1st Ja Rule never really made a good transition into acting which given that fact that he’s over 40 is really his only access to relevancy. Given his physique he should get with some type of fitness campaign, endorse some active wear, model and then use that as a way into some real acting roles not the straight to DVD productions he’s been in as of late.

    2nd if we can be honest who out there over 40 especially in the rap game could’ve done better. The music industry is very ageist especially when it comes to black artist. Nobody is checking for 50 cent musically he hasn’t had a hit in a while he is only relevant because he has successfully moved into acting and producing, nobody is checking for NAS even though in the rap game he is considered a lyrical G.O.A.T, nobody is checking for Jay Z he is only relevant because he is married to Beyoncé and people respect and or impressed by the money he has and his transition into this philanthropic activists. Ice cube, Nelly, Chingy etc., they all probably would’ve been received the same way. Time can be a very vicious thing sometimes people think they are going to be popping forever, but very rarely is that the case. I would say Tina Turner who enjoyed a lot of success after 40, Michael Jackson was relevant until the day he died and beyond, Madonna is still setting records for concert attendance, Mariah Carey is still enjoying a high level of popularity, and Janet Jackson is seeing a resurgence after being blackballed in the industry for the last 14 to 15 years, everybody else not so much so.

    1. You missed LL Cool J who does music for the fun of it at this point. JA should have transitioned to other stuff long ago but that jail bid really stopped all momentum with his career. Look at LL, acting, producing Lipsync battle in several countries around the world. He’s still humble and respected. And his money is right.

  4. I just think that Ja Rule needs to-😮🤤🤤🤤🤤 DAYUUMM😍 OK Daddy I see you. *snaps out of lustful thoughts that could make a could make a Catholic priest blush*
    I mean the rap game has changed so much that honestly now he’s used as more of a punchline than a rapper. I just don’t think there’s a market for him anymore. My advice is he needs to put that BAWDY to good use and get into porn/fitness modelling/be a personal trainer cause I mean that bawdy don’t lie.

  5. @Jamari… Ja looks like he got some good dick. lol I give him a nice 7.5 based on height and body. lol

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