so i have a few thoughts about the ’19 oscars and…

i really enjoy the oscars.
one day,
i hope to attend with a great seat with a plus 1 or 2.
the one thing i love about the oscars is being introduced to new movies.
i had so much fun live tweeting with the twitter foxhole,
but i had a few thoughts i didn’t get to share…

  1. i really dug billy porter‘s tuxedo gown.

    that’s who he is and he is unapologetic about it.
    this “agenda” that they want black males to wear dresses is ridiciulous.
    he is a feminine gay male.
    if he was straight,
    i could understand.
    sam smith is getting more fem as the days go on:

    where is the conspiracy with ^this one?

  2. regina king is “king”.
    i need to check out “if beale street could talk”.
  3. chris evans being “captain america” last night…
    i stan my snow wolf hubz in my head.
  4. this show went incredibly smooth without a host.
    it was actually enjoyable too.
    i’d like more of that please.
  5. was it me or was jennifer hudson just hollering?
  6. was “roma” good?
    it was cleaning up.
  7. it was such an amazing night to be black.
    all of these wins for us and for our movies too.
    ruth carter for “costume design”:and hannah beachler for “best production design” on “black panther”:

…and of course spike lee finally getting his roses for “blackkklansman“:

in which “that president” was angry af:

how you gonna be hatin’ outside the club?
i know he is salty af tho.
he will never be able to attend a hollywood event ever again.

9. i was kinda shocked “green book” won.
i got a free screening to go see it and turned it down.
it looks really boring to me.
it won “best picture” so i may have been wrong.

10. and lastly:

Which Oscar-nominated movies did you watch foxhole?

i’m thinking of giving “blackkklansman“,
“the favourite”,
“the wife”,
and “if beale street could talk” a shot.
let me know in the comments what gets your vote!

lowkey: i was hoping glenn close would win.
if lady gaga won for playing herself…

Author: jamari fox

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14 thoughts on “so i have a few thoughts about the ’19 oscars and…”

  1. Jamari, OMG! Regina FINALLY won and she looked so freaking beautiful! I KNOW Glen Close was big mad cause she stay getting snubbed and she’s long overdue for an Oscar. And don’t even get me started on Baehershala winning again!!! Mr. Denzel better watch out and make some room.

  2. And I’m glad that Spike won his Best Adapted Screenplay nomination, but I already knew he wouldn’t win for Best Picture or Best Director. He made a movie that forced white people to confront their racist bs and that was enough for white America to make sure he didn’t get awarded for that. He’s a controversial director and he remains unapologetic for it.

    1. ^i love spike!!!!
      he is one of my favorite directors!
      he is definitely “new yawk” and encompasses this city to the core.

      ima check his movie out this weekend

  3. Me. Ali is such a gorgeous man! And Regina is just flawless! I’m so proud of all the black representation last night. I give it two more years before Sam Smith comes out as transgender and tells us her new name is Samantha! Mark my words!

    PS: Billy porter better fucking work!

    1. ^i can see that about sam smith.
      every time i see him,
      he is becoming more flamboyant.
      it’s coming and he may/may not sell.
      if he doesn’t sell,
      he’ll be back to his regular self and being uber masculine.

  4. I know Kevin somewhere feeling real stupid. He couldve been apart of a pretty good night but let his arrogance get in the way. Now the oscars realize that they dont really need a host making awkward jokes all night. All it takes is a really well produced show, some performances and boom people are (somewhat)happy.

  5. Regina was beautiful last night, her speech was lovely . Bae Chris Evans was gentlemanly as ever. This show was much better without a host and only went over 18 mins and the ratings went up from last years

    1. “lowkey: i was hoping glenn close would win.
      if lady gaga won for playing herself”

      Gaga didn’t win for best actress, she won for best original song in a movie. The song is beautiful and the duet with Bradley was incredible. Glenn Close is a friend of Gaga and her family. I will recommend your page to Gaga fans but remember not to be negative and be more positive 😜

  6. Regina, Ruth and Heather were MORE than deserving. I just hope we give the same esteem to Black Reel and NAACP Image Awards. We are still begging for White people to validate us. I was so disgusted by Spike Lee jumping on that man like that. You would have thought he was used to Hollywood not appreciating his pro-Black cinema by now.

  7. You should probably read the different articles about Green Book to understand the kind of disgust around them winning that award. Low key even though Mahershala won, side eye the whole way he looked into portraying his character and not actually contacting the family for any background real bad taste in a sense.

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