when your ex leaks your private thoughts in your journal (klay thompson)

blogging has helped me tremendously.
i’m not the vlogging kind,
but being able to put my thoughts into words is like therapy.
this is one of the reasons i appreciate the foxhole so much.
this is literally my journal to the world.
if this was personal,
i’d probably be sick if someone leaked it.
that allegedly happened to nba baller wolf,
klay thompson,
of the “golden state warriors”.
one of his exes allegedly leaked his journal to “sports gossip”.

if this is his journal entries,
his handwriting tho.

i mean,
mine ain’t the best,
but golly.
i had to try and zoom in so crack those hieroglyphics.
i loved the one random page about trying to get a blowjob.
this is what “sports gossip” got:

“Anyways, where was I… Ah yea, lifestyle of mine of the court, particularly my sex life: The most savage of sectors of my lifestyle. Promiscuousness, womanizing, misogynistic self centered insecure addict? Is that what I am right now? I hope NOT!! But I keep writing about it.”

people are sick.
fuckin’ sick.
how do you leak something so personal to someone?
she looks like a real bitch.
i’d like her to kindly step to the front.

i found him much more attractive since he journals.
everyone needs an outlet to unpack.
i will need him to buy a computer,
open up a word/pages document,
and release within a password protected space.
s’all i’m saying for future reference.

lowkey: i wonder how she’d react if she read his real thoughts on her?

article cc: sports gossip

9 thoughts on “when your ex leaks your private thoughts in your journal (klay thompson)

  1. I love that he used the word “euphoric.” Bruh was obviously paying attention in English class and probably reads more than social media. As hot as he already is, that makes him even hotter.

  2. People don’t care about stuff like this. Both of them get the blame her for being a fool and him being blinded by “love”. Folks gonna learn one day.

  3. A mess on her part. Why would you leak something so personal for the world to see? Journaling is a great way for him to process his thoughts and do some self reflection. Thankfully he’s not holding everything in to fester; which is dangerous. As you stated, Klay needs to invest in a more up to date method for his journaling.

  4. As I was reading the images I immediately had the same reaction you did….. this shit is attractive AF! How many dudes do you know that actually have the mental capacity journal???? And well?!? I hope she didn’t think this would ruin him… PLOT TWIST! It’ll prob just make his new entries even more interesting. *shrug*

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