devon franklin shares a “right on time” prayer

ya know,
last night i was laying in bed frustrated af last night.
even though i was having fun with the live tweets,
my personal life has been in shambles.

i’ve been sick all weekend with another cold
my job won’t allow me to call out
my money is all the way funny due to random bills
my credit bills are a disaster
i’m breaking out like crazy all over my face

it’s like the devil wants to bring me down.
i said to mysef that i cannot wait until i get my roses.
when i can finally be free from the corporate slave ship.
i’ve been seeing folks share a recent video from devon franklin.
he’s the husband to meagan good.
i was ignoring it,
but i was led to watch it and…

i reallllllllllllllly needed that.
i felt he was speaking right to me too.
i hope this was able to help one of the foxholers i doubt today.

lowkey: one thing i’ve realzied is success doesn’t come easy.
some of these folks were just like me.
the moment you get your roses tho…

Author: jamari fox

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12 thoughts on “devon franklin shares a “right on time” prayer”

  1. This is cute, but they should also pray that Meagan secures a role she can do well enough in so that she finally gets nominated for these major Awards. It would be wonderful for him to support his wife when she’s nominated for something. No shade, but I haven’t seen her in any projects since she got married.

    1. She is behind the scenes mostly, but she did do a TV movie with Keri Hilson and Kelly Rowland a few years ago. And seeing as her husband is a bigtime producer, she can just produce with him.

  2. Oh I needed to see and hear this!!! Jamari, I was also sick this weekend, but I was able to call off from work. I didn’t go to work today because my energy level is still low, but I do feel better. His words are so right every one has their time and our time will come. Keep the faith, focus and hard work!

  3. Though I agree with his overall message, I’d also like to bring a little realness to the situation. You need to go through the personal checklist and see where something might not be right:

    * Have you been sleeping regularly?
    * Have you been steering clear of negative gossip and energy?
    * Have you been eating fruit & veggies everyday alongside drinking the ph water?

    Try some of these things for a week or two & get used to them.

    Now, I don’t know you aside from the blog & I’m not telling you or anyone else how to live their life or be disrespectful or anything. I may be jumping the gun.

    I honestly am glad your job won’t let you call out because if you did, you’d miss work, which means you’d miss pay, which means bills would be further behind.

    Unless you’re allergic to something you’re probably breaking out because you are stressing out.

    Being a Cancer, I used to worry about every fuking thing..sometimes I’d worried about others, before I did my own damn self.

    Anyways, off of me. I think there are two types of success. Man based & spiritual. The one most folks want is not success. They don’t want success, what the really want is validation (not saying anyone here is like this..just ballpark.)

    Not about to turn this into a novel

  4. Thou shall not covet another woman’s husband. Get thee behind me satan cuz I want his dick in my mouth! I’ll watch this later

  5. This was needed for the whole Foxhole. I’m dealing with family situations, mobility in my career, family and self doubts but this is a save and on replay!!!!! Thanks Jamari

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