there is single meagan good roaming in these forests now

i heard a lot of whispers about meagan good,
devon franklin,
and their marriage.
i was really confused why people were excited to hear they might be separating.
they didn’t appear to be toxic.
there are a few relationships,
celeb and people in irl,
that are being celebrated that are a legit shit show.
public or that “we are private but we’ll sub our unhappiness on socials” freak show.
they appeared to be a loving couple even though i felt she wasn’t “church lady good”.
they are officially done because…

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devon franklin shares a “right on time” prayer

ya know,
last night i was laying in bed frustrated af last night.
even though i was having fun with the live tweets,
my personal life has been in shambles.

i’ve been sick all weekend with another cold
my job won’t allow me to call out
my money is all the way funny due to random bills
my credit bills are a disaster
i’m breaking out like crazy all over my face

it’s like the devil wants to bring me down.
i said to mysef that i cannot wait until i get my roses.
when i can finally be free from the corporate slave ship.
i’ve been seeing folks share a recent video from devon franklin.
he’s the husband to meagan good.
i was ignoring it,
but i was led to watch it and…
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Fox Relationship Goals (4)

tumblr_nzpyzvXx171ucse80o1_500i really like this couple.
they seem genuine.
even though they’re not gay,
i really liked how the following incident was handled.
so meagan good and her husband,
pastor devon franklin,
were at an event promoting their new book,
“the wait:
a powerful practice for finding the love of your life and the life you love”.
well a she-jackal in the audience decided to get at the way meagan dresses.
this is what happened after for my relationship goals…
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You Got 10 Minutes To Fuck Me… Then I’ll Schedule You For Next Week.

“I’m not looking for a Wolf.
It is not a realistic thing.
I’m going to focus on my career.
I have not seen any successful relationships in this lifestyle.
And all the Foxes I see looking for a Wolf are not focused on their careers.
They get stuck looking for a man to fulfill them and lose focus on building their lives.

I mean, I will still be a ho because I can never let go of the dick… but I just won’t be looking to be locked down.”

I was blown away with that admission from a Fox that I know.
He was dead serious too, but he was honest.
He knows that he is in another place in his life and looking for a steady man is like looking for a needle in a haystack.
Hell, looking for a Wolf to match your money swagg is even worst!
I had to look at him in a “say what?” way, but inside I was thinking…

“Is he right?”

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