You Got 10 Minutes To Fuck Me… Then I’ll Schedule You For Next Week.

“I’m not looking for a Wolf.
It is not a realistic thing.
I’m going to focus on my career.
I have not seen any successful relationships in this lifestyle.
And all the Foxes I see looking for a Wolf are not focused on their careers.
They get stuck looking for a man to fulfill them and lose focus on building their lives.

I mean, I will still be a ho because I can never let go of the dick… but I just won’t be looking to be locked down.”

I was blown away with that admission from a Fox that I know.
He was dead serious too, but he was honest.
He knows that he is in another place in his life and looking for a steady man is like looking for a needle in a haystack.
Hell, looking for a Wolf to match your money swagg is even worst!
I had to look at him in a “say what?” way, but inside I was thinking…

“Is he right?”

Meagan Good just got engaged to a pastor/producer.
Now I love Meagan, but I have heard from a few sources that she has been ran through.
Like any other Vixen in Hollywood, she got caught up in dick tasting than career chasing.
But, one Wolf saw past all of that and still wifed her up… ran through and all.
I had to wonder if she was wifed up because she was “Meagan Good” ?
Or, if she was a normal female from the hood,
working at the DMV who was ran through,
would she have the same luck?
Because if she was a power career driven Vixen who ran a Fortune 500 company,
she would be in Essence magazine talking about the woes of being single and successful.

Foxes in this lifestyle have started to loosen up (in more ways than one).
They have jumped shipped and became Jackals and Hyenas to find someone.
Being a despicable ho is the new black.
But, I had to wonder if all this dick hopping leads to a man somewhere in the future?
Or, does it lead to a loose hole and memories of revolving door Wolves with great sex?
I see so many people around me getting great dick, but no one is locking down a great man.
It seems like “getting fucked good... and that’s it” is the new relationship for successful people.

If I was to get with Devin Thomas tomorrow,
it would probably never work.
I’m busy with my career and is also.
We would be scheduling times to see each other on full calenders,
scheduling time for quickies,
and even organizing a time to break up.
So, is his love life to be with a young immature ho-bag who has nothing but time and patience?
And, am I doomed to a model Wolf who just uses me for my connects, as I use him for dick and arm candy?
Not all of us can be like Beyonce and Jay Z in the “love AND success” department.
Our real lives don’t involve contracts and business arrangements.

I started to wonder about being a Fox who is trying to establish a career.
You cannot want the boyfriend and still want the successful career.
Something has to give…. and if you are smart, it should be the fantasy of a Wolf.
But some of us cannot pursue a career without a Wolf in our corner.
It does feel good to come home and be able to call “HIM” and vent about the day.
It also feels good to vent as your credit purchases a brand new Louis Vuitton messenger bag… and luggage set.
But can you really make them both work?
Is it possible for a power driven Fox to really lock down a Wolf who understands?
Or, are we doomed to a life of random dicks to fulfill that loneliness we all crave?

When it comes to chasing the career or the Wolf…

Which one is the better option?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “You Got 10 Minutes To Fuck Me… Then I’ll Schedule You For Next Week.”

  1. Chase that Career, thats what I’m doing, these wolfs are gonna be here forever. I use to focus all my time and energy on men that i was involved with, and at the end of the day all it was, was a good fuck or a nice time, but that stuff was temporary, then it hit me, get your life together and everything else will come…. and thats what im doing now.. doing me, and after im done hopefully an equally successful wolf will be doing me too! lol

  2. The career.
    Wolves are fickle. Love you one day and will leave you the next.
    Money is consistent and is there whenever I need her.

  3. Do I think both are possible? Yes, but you have to find someone who has similar goals (not necessarily the same career – just driven). In the end, you have to do what make you happy – and for most people, that’s building your career while hoping you meet someone like-minded along the way.

  4. It’s always better to chase the career than the dude because the career will be bringing in the money. Just like women, men will chase money too. If you’re making money, you will always be pursued.

  5. I would go for the career first because a wolf and a great love life can follow after. And on Megan Good remember she may be ran through but so has super head and dudes scooping her left and right

  6. I have been chasing my career and I have met the best wolves as friends and as boyfriends. I found out that as long as your chasing the money, your going find a wolf doing the same thing proably better. So you two join forces and you fuck him into submission that ask him where the cash at… Lls

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