when a bad reputation meets a good fox

i love a “bad reputation”.
not with me however,
but with those who did me wrong.
they will always be a few who don’t like you.
all of us aren’t made for everyone,
but if life has taught me anything,
it’s that those types are usually the “most hated”.
when it comes to “jobs and careers” tho,
it’s better to have a near spotless rep.
so i went on an interview on friday…

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White Folks Are The Cosign We Need To Advance Our Careers?

life is all about the “cosign”.
imagine how easy you’ll have it if you get a cosign from oprah?
that would be like winning the lottery out here..
oprah is busy and we have to find our cosigns through another way.
it led me to wonder…

Do we need a white cosign to get us to the next level?

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Congrats! You’ve Been Banished!

in life,
you will not get along with everyone.
there will be times you will beef with certain folks you meet.
it’s normal.
this whole mo’nique issue made me sit and think about being blackballed.
with so many sensitive personalities nowadays,
it’s easy for someone to have you eradicated from what you love.
you gotta cater to their fragile egos in fear you being ruined.

the manager vixen who wants to make all the males her bitches
the gay supervisor that can get catty if you don’t flirt back with him
the snow wolf who is borderline racist but tolerant to an extent

even working a simple 9 to 5 with some of these managers and supervisors.
i had to wonder

How do you really get banished?

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Don’t Come Too Fast! (I’m Not Ready Yet!)

so i had to go to the unemployment office today.
i wasn’t excited about it,
but it was going to be my last meeting with them.
this was the last before my unemployment comes to an end.
when i got there,
it was pretty crowded,
but the pink pass i had was to go meet with someone.
as i passed this time
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Michael Sam Is Getting It Together

tumblr_nj5ruk4b5Z1r49l3lo1_1280i don’t know whats happening in this picture.
either way,
after careful deciding on our end,
michael sam is about to do a career change.
i guess he realized that “football thing” hasn’t been working out.
so like any falling star,
he announced his latest life plans via twitter…
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Kim Kardashian Has A Career (And Neither Will She Explain It!)

tumblr_mitacziENa1rjo4lqo1_500kim kardashian is tired of you all saying she doesn’t work hard.
absolutely tired!
she didn’t build her empire laying on her back.
she put in serious work to be the vixen she is today.
this is what she told billy bush in her access hollywood interview…
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