Don’t Come Too Fast! (I’m Not Ready Yet!)

so i had to go to the unemployment office today.
i wasn’t excited about it,
but it was going to be my last meeting with them.
this was the last before my unemployment comes to an end.
when i got there,
it was pretty crowded,
but the pink pass i had was to go meet with someone.
as i passed this time

…this fine hispanic wolf walked out the double doors that lead into the office.

i maintained eye contact with him as he looked at me.
i felt very bold for whatever reason today.
he was:

tall af
thick muscular af
short faded af
tan skinned af
handsome af

judging from his business fit,
he worked in the office and was headed to the bathroom.
i was all set in eye fuckin’ him as soon as he came out.
as he was walking out,
he started talking to one of the guards.
i was hoping he would be the one to take me (in more ways than one).

“jamari fox?”

that sound was coming form my right.
a tall black wolf with the glasses was gonna take me we walked into the back,
i heard the fine hispanic wolf call out a name.
the name happened to belong to the black wolf i was walking with,
but for whatever reason,
he didn’t stop.
i assumed the fine hispanic wolf wanted to handle me instead.
(in more ways than one?)

the black wolf told me that i’m on my 12th week on benefits.
unemployment lasts 6 months.
by august,
it should be depleted.
he sent me some work leads via email and wished me luck.

when i left,
i walked around 125th for a while.
there were a lot of sexy wolves out on the prowl today.
the weather is nice so the biceps and pecs were out.
all i know,
i need to have some kind of income coming in by next month.
whether it’s a job or the foxhole.
something has to start happening soon.

as i walked home,
my text message started going off.
it was one of my home vixens.
she told her head hunter about me and she wants to meet tomorrow.

7 thoughts on “Don’t Come Too Fast! (I’m Not Ready Yet!)

  1. You better than me I would’ve took my butt back up there looking fly, figured out some way to get his name and asked for him directly with your concerns on the job hunt.

    Don’t judge I’ve done things like that before

  2. I know something big is coming for you. I know slaving back for corporate is not something you want but it wouldn’t hurt to see what the headhunter is talking about. If you do get another 9 to 5 just keep the mindset you have now that you will not be there for a long time and that your patch to your dreams are first. ( I know easier said than done)

    Damn the that black wolf cock blocking your chance with the fine wolf. If you had got him you could have requested to get his email or something with the excuse of having an “in” with someone who works there to give you the scoop when jobs come up that fit you. (Among other things 😈😈😈)

    1. ^i was VEX mikey!!!!
      he was fine AF!!!!

      my spirit isn’t connecting to finding another job in corporate.
      i don’t what’s happening,
      but Ill go see the head hunter tomorrow!

  3. You’ll find a way, you always do. I’m in the same boat as you of dreading doing something that’s not my passion. I don’t know Jamari maybe it’s time to step in front of the camera instead of behind it? Can you see yourself giving red carpet interviews etc to monetize your brand?

    There has to be some type of strategy for you to make a living from this blog.

    1. ^im working on it.
      the same way i can get jobs in real life is the same energy that has to be applied to the foxhole as well.

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