Mo’Nique Brings It To TMZ Next

well it looks like mo’nique got her second wind.
that outburst at the ( x apollo theater ) landed her on tmz live.
you know tmz is the first to get the scoop.
well this is what she had to say in regards to oprah via celebteanews

why is her husband there?

he chimed in to say it had a little to do with “precious”.
if this is about them saying mo is difficult to work with/blocking her blessings,
then yes,
i can see how this can effect her career and make her go the fuck off.
if this is about promo for a movie that came out 8 years ago

I’ll need her to build a bridge and get over it

if there is more to this story,
that is still effecting her today,
then she has every right to speak about it.
joe budden brought the spotlight with the diatribe towards l.a. reid earlier.
he brought alleged instances that makes you to go “hmm”.
i wouldn’t tell them to “suck my dick if i had one”.
that is the part that came off way too extra.
if you’re gonna go in,
do it tactfully.
your future employers are also watching.

lowkey: i don’t like the vibe i get from her husband.
he seems to be putting a battery in her back.
she did speak about lee daniels before on tmz:

this is lee’s version of events from his perspective:


video cc: celebteanews

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Mo’Nique Brings It To TMZ Next”

  1. I don’t think it’s fair that she has to build a bridge and get over it if the people who precipitated the situation aren’t over it. They obviously aren’t over it cause she hasn’t been doing any real gigs for the public to view and critique meaning they’re not hiring her. We know that Mo’Nique has a dirty mouth, like all of the great black comediennes before her. Could she have shown more tact? Yes. But should she switch up and isolate her core demographic who is accustomed to her style of being raw and foul mouthed? If she didn’t say it like she said it, she would of looked like she was being fake or disingenous to how she felt about the situation to her core fans. That could of cost her more money in the form of people think she’s selling out to get on the good foot and her not selling comedy show tickets, etc.

    I think she has a genuine spirit and no matter if you curse like a sailor or sing hymns, the truth is the truth no matter how it’s said. And Oprah, Lee Daniels, and Tyler Perry are NOT above critisism. I need ppl to please stop acting like they can do no wrong. Lee Daniels went out of his way to not only blacklist her, but tarnish her character saying that she was difficult to work with and demanding. Why would he say that KNOWING that black women are the bottom of the barrel in Hollywood in terms of acknowledgement, achievement, and income? He knew she wasn’t gonna book shit in the biz after he said that. I don’t like people playing with my coins and if I find out you do, I’m coming for your throat. Straight up and down. But I will always have a plan B for whatever situation.

    1. ^ive heard folks say if you allegedly don’t agree or follow lee then he will have you blacklisted.
      that is pretty fucked up if that is true.
      i don’t even want to know what the folks over at empire are dealing with.

      1. Honestly and truly, I feel like Lee Daniels is only out there to make himself look good and also to make himself seem like the victim because of his sexuality and race. I maybe wrong, but I feel like he’s out here trying to make it seem like he’s the victim here when he is not. I hate it when gay men of color are setting up other people and then play victim when it gets messy. Like I said, I might be wrong here.

        What it sounds to me is that Mo’Nique is upset that no one is willing to give her chance since winning the support actress award for “Precious” and since she called out the big three (Lee, Oprah, and Tyler), she is making it known that these individuals will mess you up and make you feel less than. I mean look at her show on BET that got cancelled, why didn’t she call them out? I feel like there’s more to her story than when she is leading us on.

  2. Lee Daniels, Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry have some very important personality traits that have benefitted them: they work very hard; they keep showing; they are fully engaged in their crafts; and, they take full responsibility for their success and failure. Mo’Nique should take note. She should also run her own career and leave her husband to run his own career.

  3. If Lee blackballed her when did this happen before or after he offered her Empire and The Butler? He was upset with her in 2010 for not promoting Prescious but then he tells her about The Butler which start filming in 2012 and about Empire Pilot which was filmed in 2013.
    Like I said Oprah and Tyler are powerful but they don’t run Hollywood.They can’t stop her from working but telling people to suck her #### when she is angry is going to make it less likely others will want to work with her.
    I like Mo and Oprah maybe they can make up.Mo can go on Oprah’s show Super Soul Sunday like Iyanla did.😂

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