how to be embarrassed on live tv

life will not always go as planned.
shit will go left and you will be put on the spot.
that was me this afternoon on live tv

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“let me see your shoes”

when harvey levin asks to see your shoes on a live tv show,
you show him your shoes.
so today,
i was on “tmz live” again.
my topic was “diddy and lori harvey” on their “viewer’s choice” segment.
( x this was the entry on tmz )
this was my answer

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Jesus on the main line

you have to jump on opportunities.
it can be scary,
but you can’t let fear dictate how you live.
i’ve lived in fear for many years of my life.
that’s why when i got the following opportunity earlier this week,
i jumped on the chance.
so earlier this week.
i got a random dm that i think was “the chance”…

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Mo’Nique Brings It To TMZ Next

well it looks like mo’nique got her second wind.
that outburst at the ( x apollo theater ) landed her on tmz live.
you know tmz is the first to get the scoop.
well this is what she had to say in regards to oprah via celebteanews
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