(no) good news

ya know,
one thing i’m learning but still fuck up with…

Stop telling folks things until you’re done

i get too excited and want to share the good news,
but i always end up disappointed

Kevin Portillo

everything is all set on my end,
but kevin is having technical difficulties with his laptop.
we spoke and had a great pre-interview,
but things are tbd at the moment.

TMZ Live

i was supposed to be on tmz again today.
you know i’ve done it about twice and was excited for my third appearance.
so again,
told people in my life to look out and would have debuted on the foxhole.
my topic was about the ( x rona and the pop up shops in la ).
i wrote out what i was gonna say:

“ya know,
its really sad to see we have to go to pop ups to get supplies.
that’s not even happening anywhere else but in cali.
essential workers don’t even have access.
masks and gloves are literally in the 100s on most websites.
i don’t even have a mask or gloves and in constant fear when i walk outside.

we gotta give a big shout out to those trying to take the initiative.”

everything that was so promising this week has crashed and burned.
folks will attach their negative energy to your blessings.
i was so excited to finally share some good news.
good news always gets me excited,
but some people don’t have the right energy.
going forward,
everything is:


when i do it,
i’ll share.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “(no) good news”

  1. You’ll continue to grow and do better. Im proud that you’re still making moves..and Kevin lawd that man is fine.

  2. Just Set Backs babe, and from what u wrote it doesn’t seem to be personal, just the timeing isn’t right, which means more then likely another opportunity will arise, and just remember the eyes are still watching, so dnt fold ❤️

  3. Hey J do you really think it was the real Kevin dude, man I got my suspicions when he popped up randomly in the comments, dont remember that ever happening before in all my years here and now that he was supposed to have interview, the laptop stalled. I am giving a low key side eye to this one unless he did come thru and give you some real receipts that was really him.

  4. Everything the Universe has for you is right in the queue and is still on it’s way to you now!! 🙏🏽✨✨✨ @Sweetbuddah1 from IG.

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