orlando brown claims he was raped by will smith (yup)

we really need to start talking about mental illness during the rona.
for many,
it has spiked.
i know a few who have shared how they have broken down in the last few weeks.
orlando brown,
no stranger to talk about mental health and drug abuse,
made some shocking claims he was raped by will smith.
this is what he had to say via “wshh“…

i had to stop watching at 1:28.
the energy wasn’t good.
this is really sad tho.
they need to take his phone away and put him in the mental.
even if he was telling the truth,
he has had way too many outbursts for anyone to take him serious.
he’s like the crazy folks i see on the train.
they angry and going off about the Bible or the NYPD.
none of it usually no sense,
they scaring the white folks,
and you just continue doing what you was doing.
that is what i feel for orlando.
let him have his moment and he’ll go away until the next one.

low-key: raven symone,
trey songz,
nick cannon,
and now will smith.
whose next?
a far cry from this person:

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “orlando brown claims he was raped by will smith (yup)”

  1. Something is mentally wrong with this dude and I heard he’s coming back to the new proud family TV show On Disney+ talking like this is going to make him lose his job again

  2. When Orlando was on the Dr.Phil Show he was in a similar manic state.Back then he said Michael Jackson was his biological father.He also couldn’t remember his childrens’ names.He said his 2 year old son was still inside his mother’s stomach.He was/is clearly delusional.
    Mentally ill and self medicating with drugs.Sad

  3. 🙄 srry if something did happen To this man, but with all of his “accusations” …the credibility just isn’t there

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