you are chill, fly af, and got way too many options to put up with nonsense

something came to my foxy spirit.
i read it earlier,
but someone needed to hear it.
when i had my pre-interview with kevin portillo,
he mentioned something about directing energy to the right resources.
after that,
i was randomly looking up something and came across the following.
i’ll break it down in foxhole terms…

When you come from a place of “lack”,
everyone can feel it.

they can feel that you want more money,
thirsty for a relationship,
or desperate for another job/career.
we give that energy out without even realizing it.
i want you to all try something.
even if you don’t have it at the moment…

Think of yourself as someone who has options

have you noticed when you have options in something,
your vibe is different?
it’s because you know you already have it and it’s nothing to get more of it.
those wolves that have been “scamming” on onlyfans.
their looks have been able to get them in the door.
just because YOU won’t fuck with them,
that doesn’t mean thirsty gays and vixens won’t.

they don’t have lack because they already know.

you ever notice how cool and relaxed really good lookin’ folks are?
or how chill those with money act?
even how folks with good pussy/dick/foxhole are?
they don’t have a “lack” mentality because they:

a) know their worth
b) have options
c) are naturally themselves without having to try so hard

they will move on from someone who doesn’t recognize their worth,
which causes others to chase them or try to get their attention.
it’s literally power and control.
watch those who you admire and pay attention to how they move,
and simply live.
wolves use to call me crazy and difficult,
but would be blowing up my phone and texts because i truly didn’t gaf.
they also didn’t want to lose the inside of my good stuff.
if they violated,
they faced my wrath.
i had no issue with saying goodbye.
somewhere between losing star fox,
that hiv scare,
and idiot jackals i lost myself in…
the rona is really making me look at things differently.
i will continue to share my findings with the foxhole.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “you are chill, fly af, and got way too many options to put up with nonsense”

  1. Reminiscent of the “just because you’re going through something doesn’t mean you have to look like it”.

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