is nate godwin the next contestant in “who is scamming on onlyfans now”?

…and another one.
nate godwin.
he was the pre-baller wolf that remained a mystery.
unless it was lip syncing to drizzy tracks,
he didn’t do too much talking.
this is his best picture to date:

it put him in the running and he accumulated 21.5k likes off that joint.
well nate decided to break that and open up,
you guessed it…


onlyfans has become the fallback career for many,
but sadly,
they aren’t doing it right.
this is what i was sent in a foxmail about nate’s efforts on his onlyfans…

“I’ve noticed you talked about Kevin and his onlyfans scam. Well I have another scam for you. Nate Godwin popular ok Instagram is even worse and the gays should know before he has been uploading fake videos. Yes videos of other mean body’s and when we called him out, he just deleted them. He now only has photos from his Instagram on his onlyfans.

oh he’s pulling a shawn wells on us?
remember him?

( x take a trip down memory lane )

if the alleged is true,
i wish he would have proved me wrong.
he is painfully boring.
he doesn’t strike me as a wolf who would be good in bed.
he is nice to look at and makes good arm candy.

Am I the only one who “saw” that with him?

it’s still no excuse for being desperate with the alleged scamming tho.
these wolves are ruining their reputations with this onlyfans shit.
onlyfans might be the plug where some have ruined their mystery.
hate to see this is the hill where many have chosen to die on.

get it together nate.

low-key: i mean folks can put “suggestive” pics on their onlyfans.
they don’t have to drop full drawz.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “is nate godwin the next contestant in “who is scamming on onlyfans now”?”

  1. Are they really ruining their reputation though. Thirst is a powerful drug. I’ve seen guys gloat about how they were mistreated by a beautiful ex. Almost like it was an honor. I think they’d guys live by the 80/20 rule. 80% of the thirst comes from 20% of their followers.

  2. These are REGULAR DEGULAR dudes, they DO NOT care about their reputations, any of “us” or providing any type of “service”. We’re not talking about A-list stars or Upstanding citizens here people! lol these are niggas that got popular from being cute, made an only fans cause they heard u could get paid, took the gays money, and with it are now paying for rent, weed and PS4/XBox games, while “we” try to nut from a 1min video 🤦🏾‍♂️ my gays…’d be better off givin that money to “feed the children” or St.Judes hospital, atleast you’ll sleep better at night….

    1. @Byran,

      Yes, brudda!!! Preach! Most of these insta and twitter jocks suffer from some form of trauma and are using their experience to fool folks. And the covid19-recession is bringing out the worst in these folks and desperation among those in our community.

      The warning signs are there: strippers, ex gang members, ride-share drivers, drinking, weight lifters, playing ps4/xbox games as u noted, and masseurs

    2. AMEN!

      These are everyday people who are nobodies once they log out of Instagram. I’m not mad at them though, they know that there are some thirsty ass gay men in this world who are willing to shell out $50+ or start up trust funds in group chats to raise $200 just to get some nude videos all in the name of jacking off.

      What you spend your money on is your business but I can’t help but CACKLE when I see posts from thirsty homos on forums crying about getting “scammed” by these attention seeking narcissists. WHAT DID YOU EXPECT? LOL!

  3. Keyon Powers is doing the same thing. Uploading videos from his Instagram to his onlyfans. I’m done with these niggas.

  4. These cookie cutter IG Models with light skin, and tattoos starting Onlyfans is now officially out of control LoL. I have had enough of this new generation of scammers. Not really, I actually could care less, I thought the kids would have been done learned by now with the original Lite Skin King of Scams with his Onlyfans-George Hill. He is now like the Grandfather of Attentionista’s, a cute face nobody even blinks at now. I guess it is always going to be a new InstaThot to take the old popular InstaThot place who was the hottest thing last month. It is so many of them now who can keep up.

    I would encourage any all who want to give their money to these Basic Hoez, use that money instead and invest in home gym equipment since it looks like we are not going to be able to go anywhere anytime soon. Use this quarantine time to work on your on own body. With some discipline and hard work you can look just as good as these Scamming Tricks you give your hard earned money too.

  5. These are the same dudes from LA Fitness locker rooms. Just so fearful of nudity. Totally fearful.

  6. Everyone is scamming. I guess that is the new gig people are really into. I personally don’t pay to see any of them, but I’d be upset if they were scamming me lol. If they want a perks that come with having an Only Fans, at least be honest about it.

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