throw yo dollas at your phone screen for maravilla

maravilla is back.
maybe he has always been back.
on ig:

So much meat; so little time

he has always been a veteran foxhole fav and then he vanished.
as you know,
many sex workers and strippers are out of “work” due to the rona.
they are doing what they can via ig live,
the place where it all goes down these days.
maravilla decided do grace two vixens ig lives with this ig strip show…



…and this happened as well:

maravilla has 910k followers on ig.
imagine if he charged for virtual strip shows?
since “onlyfans” is starting a live option,
it would be perfect for him to sign up.
the kind of money he’d make >>>>>

low-key: he keeps his business lowkey.
i respect him.
what happened to the other one?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “throw yo dollas at your phone screen for maravilla”

  1. Oh he can get mine I love this type besides New York were in America can I go to find this type damn

  2. Yup, had a go with him at one of the NYC bars. Didn’t realize how short he was. Still he very good at what he does.

  3. I wonder why these guys don’t go on chatturbate. It seems random but I’ve seen guys make good money on chatturbate.

    1. ‘Cause you have to occasionally scour the web to take down recording of you getting your prostate tazed to high heaven by an unsightly hot pink vibrator… Can’t have your future employer seeing that now can we???

      1. Same for onlyfans. There are chrome extensions specifically for downloading onlyfans videos and pictures. Some guys on chatturbate never show there face. They either have the camera to low or they wear a mask.

  4. Plus if you need a sugar daddy chaturbate is the place to go. Some of these dudes will drop $200 or more just to watch a sexy do look bored on camera.

  5. Chileeeeeee please let this social distancing be over asap 🏃✈
    He made my cabin “fever” go waaaaaay up 😉

  6. This type is so 1980’s Debarge / Paper Bag test /The Jackson Dating pool ( Light / Latin /Mix) .. I cant evan … 2020 is already hitting us with the “RONA” Give me some deep color please

  7. The “other one” branched out into music, clothing line and fatherhood. This one still “struggle-grinding” in his momma/abuela living room.

  8. I’m over him. His tired high school dance teases are sooo 2009… The newer breed of instaHoes are bustin it down and bringing the business. This slow drip shtt is for lames.

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