daddy, can you please hold my hand while we take the picture? (nick young)

nba baller wolf,
nick young,
is cute.

i like his attentionisto rebellion at times.
i love folks who live by the beat of their own drum with all the drama and nonsense.
so the following happened and it has gone viral

they’d make a cute couple.
nick posted this in dude’s comments:

you know the homophobia raised the roof on “the shade room“.
well according to nick:

i mean he could be,
but unless he was coming out in a grand way,
i’d imagine he’d keep their relationship on the low.
i could be wrong tho.
some rebellious straights just like to suspect shit for fun.
a tweet during this non-scandal did stand out to me tho:

that stuck with me.
some of these vixens are not your allies.
some gays aren’t either but that’s a whole nother story.
either way,
this is a non-story.
if nick young,

or any wolf for that matter is bi/gay,
he’ll let you/us know.

low-key: nick would make a good bisexual.
i’m not saying he is,
but he gives a good one.

7 thoughts on “daddy, can you please hold my hand while we take the picture? (nick young)

    1. True. They typically turn on gay men when its their sons who are gay, their man is DL or when they get uncomfortable seeing straight men do things that are outside of their norm.

  1. Baby I Am too damn experienced in being gay to get G’d by some shit like this 😂 this man is trolling! He is COMPLETELY aware that people would see this & what they would say and that’s ALL the more reason I’m sure he’s straight, a TRUE gay Nigga (unless completely out) would NEVER be so obvious with his actions, we second guess ourselves TOO much to even be comfortable Doin sum shit like this publicly (again, unless you are completely out & Even then, in that case you’d be SERVING better then this if u was really wit YO MAN 😂)

    1. @Bryan I definitely agree…this nigga is trolling, lmao. He doing it for giggles & attention. And he knows everyone gonna eat it up cause nothing is more entertaining than discovering a str8 man is gay for sum reason. Why else do u think the internet damn near break whenever Odell do sum suspect shit, lmao.

      Even if Nick Young was gay/bisexual…I dont think he would be this obvious with it. They holding hands, he commenting that his lips sexy…u have couples that are out that dont even do all of that, lol.

      Imma just wait and laugh at all the homophobes cause it definitely is entertaining

  2. Would be surprised if Nick came out THIS way ..I mean the nigga is FYNE as fuck but puhlease…its probably for jokes and comments and likes and relevance . This Rona thing has dampened a lot of fake peoples drive..DWRCL

  3. OMG that’s him in that famous gif!!!! 😂😂😂 I’m just now realizing this. Ultimately I think Nick is heterosexual. I’ve been around a lot of hetero guys lately and the amount of homo stuff I see doing is interesting.

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