stripping, male back breakin’, and songs made for you (meet me over at p-valley)

this is for us.

You ever been in a situation where after all the flirting,
eye fuckin,
and the light touches on your bawdy,
you FINALLY got the dick from “that dude you was feeling heavy”?

it’s like damn what took you so long to cum and align my chakras?
the vibes between you both was so right,
the sex was out of this world.
i’m patiently waiting on my wolf to come drop that dick off in me,
but this ain’t about me,
this is about “p-valley” on starz.
foxhole i’m obsessed.

The Pynk is a popular strip club in Mississippi, where intrigue abounds when the mysterious Autumn is welcomed by Mercedes, the dancer, and Uncle Clifford, the club’s discreet owner.

in last night’s episode called the trap(with spoilers)…
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throw yo dollas at your phone screen for maravilla

maravilla is back.
maybe he has always been back.
on ig:

So much meat; so little time

he has always been a veteran foxhole fav and then he vanished.
as you know,
many sex workers and strippers are out of “work” due to the rona.
they are doing what they can via ig live,
the place where it all goes down these days.
maravilla decided do grace two vixens ig lives with this ig strip show…

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drevon odoms throws his whole back into the booty

*the following entry is rated xxx
viewer discretion is strongly advised

drevon odoms aka tanksnlove is sex.
out of all the “onlyfans” i’ve seen,
he has one of the best.
he gives you “good dick” in many different ways.
another thing i like about him is he isn’t scared to be controversial,
which many attentionistios are scared to do,
especially doing shit with other males.
adult star,
already for a naked massage and now he got…

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WOLF MEAT: (440)

12736983_apple-listens-brings-back-the-butt-like_99dee558_mimagine this…
you’re in the gym.
pick some random day.
you happen to be in the locker room.
you decided to do a strip tease for the gram.
you know,
cause that’s normal.

well this happens via tae da tea…
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first off i have to say karen clark sheard can sang.
now that’s out the way,
lets talk about her son j. drew sheard II.
aaahhh how much i love pks

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“well that was a good presidential debate baby.”
“time to sit in bed and discuss what we thought.”
“let me get into my sleep gear first…” the fox said as he stripped down to his boxers…

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