WOLF MEAT: (440)

12736983_apple-listens-brings-back-the-butt-like_99dee558_mimagine this…
you’re in the gym.
pick some random day.
you happen to be in the locker room.
you decided to do a strip tease for the gram.
you know,
cause that’s normal.

well this happens via tae da tea…

can we talk about the wolves who walked in tho?
booty-gold-halteri don’t know how the foxes do the gym.
i’d explode.

video credited: tae da tea

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “WOLF MEAT: (440)”

  1. Baby the 2nd one! I know that gym tooo…the Atlantic Station LA fitness, in ATL. I hear it’s lit Saturday morning. I’m definitely stopping by when I visit Atlanta again.

    1. Lol, I was about to say that dude looks familiar…see, that’s why I stopped goin there, way too much goin on…but dude in grey sweats, mmhhmm..

    2. Both of the guys that came in looked good. But ol’ boy was doing too much in the locker room!
      WTF was HE thinking?!! LOL

      1. The guy is Donte Hall,he is one of those guys who posts funny videos on instagram.Sometimes he will go to a grocery store or a department store dressed in heels and daisy dukes and start twerking.He does skits usually dressed as a woman.His IG is @taedatea

      2. I love watching tae da tea videos, he is hilarious. I advise the foxhole to follow him he is a trip and both of those wolves were fine that walked in there. Jamari the gym I go to I always see dudes with body types like those two wolves in the video. I have more than a few wolves that have taken their shirt off in the locker room in front of me, then look over at me to see if I’m watching them, and I sure do be staring lol. Jamari since you about to jump in your new career, it’s time to get to a gym and find you a: nice,handsome,strong, muscle bound wolf to keep you warm this winter lol.

    3. Anytime I go to Atlantic Station especially by this gym I’m bound to run into a few hotties. I wouldn’t want to work out there tho way to distracting.

  2. okay confession my lazy ass don’t have no excuses not to work out there’s a gym in my building downstairs but i assure you the experience wouldn’t be the same as going to a Planet Fitness or something… i just want someone with big arms to cuddle with at night lol

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