Herman Newsome, aka HNAmazin, Is Getting Paid To Smash


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viewer discretion is strongly advised.

so that connectpal shit is for the birds.
i don’t want to see anyone jackin off or taking a shower.
if ima pay good money to cum,
i want to see sex.
well ^that wolf decided to take his skills on the road.
the porn studio to make some money off his talent!
you might remember him from these videos






i posted about him before.
this was when i had the ratchet side.
well he has a phd and used it to annihilate that vixen,
who happened to be his girl at the time,
stretched out pussy.
with a pipe like that…
well herman newsome,
who now goes by hnamazin,
is getting paid to annihilate more vixen’s pussies.
one of the foxholers sent me his first porn scene:

not bad.
a little to:

you beatin the brakes off my pussy!!!”

…butttttttttttttt it looks like he is off to a good start.
i hope he thanked his (ex) vixen for giving him his start.
either way,
good luck herman!

lowkey: i feel more attentionistos gonna do this route in 2017.
let’s hope it’s some good ones.

see the full scene at: dickdrainers

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “Herman Newsome, aka HNAmazin, Is Getting Paid To Smash

  1. Well I know what I want for christmas.

    Lowkey that’s the type of dick you take when you haven’t had any in a while. And you plain on taking another long break afterwards. No way in hell I could take that on the regular.

  2. Congrats to him he’s one the the only attentionistos I’ve seen so far to transition his attention seeking ways into a actual career that keeps him naked.

  3. I mean if your bizness have to be out for the world to see at least get paid for that right? btw EXHIBIT D it’s not him, not the same tats

  4. he looks like the type that will have you sore for a few days…nope I’d rather just watch him fuck the lining out of somebody else. i guess he’s living a dream that most people want,getting paid to fuck pussy lol

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