how to be embarrassed on live tv

life will not always go as planned.
shit will go left and you will be put on the spot.
that was me this afternoon on live tv

so i was supposed to be on “tmz live” after last week’s cancellation.
we rescheduled it for today.
it was so interesting to me how the story i asked for was about joe exotic,
when i literally just watched that documentary over the weekend.
i had my knowledge about joe so i was ready for the story.
earlier this morning,
the story that was sent to me was:

“JOE EXOTIC – Pink Sequin shirt $10k Ebay bid a ruse… seller still hopes for big payday”

but right before i went on,
this is what i was sent as the topic of what i was gonna talk about:


i had no time to prep before i went on.
this was my face when i realized i was live and on air:

i made a voice note to further explain it all:

low-key: karaoke taught me that i had to learn to laugh at myself.
this is one of those moments i needed to lmao.
i’m not mad at tmz either.
they said i did an amazing job so regardless it’s still a win.

Author: jamari fox

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6 thoughts on “how to be embarrassed on live tv”

  1. yayyyyy I’m happy you’re still doing TMZ…awesomeness and don’t worry we can never truly prepare for what LIFE throws at us. Sometimes we just gotta wing it and pray it works!!!

    1. ^boy did i wing it LMAO!!!

      shit happens so you gotta roll with the punches.
      i won’t lie,
      i wanted to crawl under the whole building,
      but i ended up laughing it about it.

      1. They did you dirty, but it sounds like you managed the best anyone could in that situation.
        Ps. You have a nice speaking voice.

  2. I’m sure you looked cute and did a good job as usual, Jamari. Don’t worry too much about what you can’t change, hun.

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