we got rappers joining onlyfans now (the end is near?)

ya know,
i liked it when onlyfans wasn’t mainstream.
when it was something the attentionistos/nistas did,
but it wasn’t over-exposed.
the rona is making it overkill.
rapping wolf,
is trying to get his onlyfans bag while we are on lockdown.
this is the reason for why he started one via “ig”…

can we font about the price if his onlyfans?

50 dollars.
i’ve been around him in person,
and i can font you:


he is real cool tho.
very similar to the gays who get upset over the price of the attentionisto’s onlyfans,
the vixens ain’t happy over the price of casanova’s dick.
of course,
he had a message for them and him too:


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you know safaree responded as well:

they talkin’ all this shit now and not for nothing:

No dicks will be seen

waste ya’ll trump checks if you want to.

low-key: i’m confused why safaree is even playing like we haven’t seen his flesh.
at this point,
he is wasting time.
amber rose is thinking of getting into the onlyfans game too.


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Would y’all want to see Amber Rose on Only Fans? 👀

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i have a feeling she is going to go super hard on hers.

visit casanova onlyfans: here

13 thoughts on “we got rappers joining onlyfans now (the end is near?)

  1. when you music isn’t selling because its trash, start a only fan page and cover charge for picture that nobody really want to see in the first place.

    1. 👍👍👍👍. Cause he sounded real stupid dissin’ everybody cause he evidently sees it differently in his mind. Wait…what you lookin’ at Safaree shit for anyway????

  2. Makes me wonder if these rappers were low key escorting and Rona has cut into there cash flow. Living a lavish life doesn’t mean you can afford it. The Roma is exposing many of the faux rich.

  3. Rapper Ca$h Out do his shit for free on twitter. He might as well do porn with that big ass dick he got. If Trey Songz was to do what Dwayne McKell does I would buy that.

    1. Ca$hOut is slick. He uses his gf’s account BellusBarbie to get money. It’s his penis she’s using in her vids.

  4. This Casanova has a lot of teeth. I will pass. Even if he was fine, it would be a hard pass.

  5. Neither of them are remotely attractive. That $50 should go towards people waiting in a food line, not a bunch of digital prostitutes parading around in spectacular scenic backgrounds living a lavish life. How on Earth you gonna give money to people that already have it? Shouldn’t this be the other way around???

    I wouldn’t spend not even $5 on them. They are overhyped and underwhelming entertainment…

    I don’t even know who Casanova is…so I can’t speak on what makes him “popular”

    Doesn’t that Safaree guy have a wife and child?

    Do grown men know how to do productive work anymore? This is just gutter butter content.

    The real bop is will either one of them invest in you if you make an Onlyfans account or request assistance in case of a “hardship?”

    I have had strong opinions about Onlyfans in the past but I will support true artists and creators of profitable content.

  6. So I thought this wasn’t a trend until I stalked… I mean stumbled across an escort’s personal IG page … I don’t follow him but thought I’d see what he was up to… lo and behold he has a link in the profile… now mind you this is his personal IG… so it was quite a surprise that that tiny link went to an OF with his escort name…. Rona got these fellas desperate for cash… or just taking advantage of a captive audience. The reason I was surprised by this fella is because I got the impression that he keeps his shit close to his chest … and the fact that his friends an family could see the link made me say hmmm.

  7. DWRCL… so now niggas bitching each other over DICKS..DWRCL…. wow….this world gone fucking CRAZY

  8. Dick come a dime a dozen, I can get some dick for free if I want to, they desperate now and will tell you anything to get your coins, for 50 dollars I need to be playing with the dick.

    1. THISSSSS!!! My 50 dollars will go toward the things I need in this house! & Not tryna be rude but you can see a MILLION niggas that look very similar to him showin dick for free on Twitter, myvidster or Pornhub 🙄

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