shawn outen isn’t a work of art?

it’s one thing to get scammed off onlyfans.
you pay under 20 dollars and don’t get the goods.
don’t you hate when they ask you to pay more money for nudes/sex tapes?
isn’t that what i’m paying for now subscribing to you onlyfans?
one of the foxholers sent me a foxmail about shawn outen.
he was allegedly scammed out of money from art work from shawn.

this is how the conversation started

so the foxholer hit up shawn on twitter:

and then this is the conversation from start to finish:

why is shawn giving him this sob story?
uh pineapple…

He don’t gaf about your life.

ya’ll ain’t friends.
run him his funds,
someone requests a service


the reader sent me the emails and invoices:

the reader still hasn’t received a refund from shawn.
i think this absolutely disgusting.
i don’t understand these new batch of folks who promise a service,
but don’t come through and keep your money.


is this what their mothers taught them to do?

*all stories sent into the foxhole are marked alleged.
take them as you will and go argue with your mother.

17 thoughts on “shawn outen isn’t a work of art?

  1. Soooooooooo…. Y’all gotta stop using cashapp to pay these ppl. At least use PayPal (they have all types of buyer protections).

    I know scamming is annoying but it’s clearly the new wave. We gotta be smarter and make sure we can easily dispute this bullshit with your bank and get your coins back.

  2. The patience shown in these threads for a years worth of bullshit? Man he would have been on blast after that “it’s finished and I’ll send it out over the weekend” lie. Imagine who else he was scamming during the year.

    You try so hard to support these ninjas and they’re all full of shit.

    1. ^right s!!!!!

      they literally acting like the stereotype.
      folks love coming to the foxhole to expose them for their nonsense tho.
      they get all in their feelings,
      but why is it so hard to do right thing???

      these pineapples be pathetic.

  3. Trifling! Good for nothing type of brother! Lol

    Dude should’ve took all these exchanges to a small claims court, preferably one of those tv ones so everyone could see how trifling the guy is with his customer.

    Run me my money! Or I’m waiting for you at the door! Lol

  4. I purchased a beautiful painting from an artist in GA in 2018 and he only used Paypal. No legitimate business person only uses Cashapp. Be careful

  5. Cash App and PayPal don’t like to refund money that’s probably why most of them are getting away with it. You can’t ask for a chargeback because they don’t do it.

    1. Oh I always get my money back with pay pal. Especially if I have communications where I tried to resolve the issue. The burden of proof of services rendered falls on the merchant. All you have to do is dispute it, provide your documents, and PayPal takes care of the rest. If they can’t resolve it in a certain number of days with said merchant…Ka-Ching!!! Refund.

  6. We gone skate to one song and one song only. Keep this man’s name out your mouth. I don’t make threats I make promises. If I say I’m coming for you open the door because me and the crew in your drive way. FALL THE FUCK BACK WITH YOUR LOW FREQUENCY BULL SHIT WE DONT HAVE TIME FOR IT🧑‍🔬

    1. Not 8 months later!?!?!!? What is this??? I’m pretty sure we’ve moved on from who ever this boy is….. I also hope this isn’t an attack directed towards Jamari… I really hope not………………

  7. The irony of this intro lol because that’s his OF model now 😂😂 he’ll tell you how much and send 10 seconds. Jamari sees the whole picture.

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